Magnificent Build Of Lego City Heavy Cargo Transport 60183 Set With Lightailing

Let your kids make the best out of the beginner-level Lego City Heavy Cargo Transport 60183 set made up of only over three hundred Lego pieces. There are thirteen high-quality LED lights and handmade accessories from Briksmax and Lightailing to keep the structure lightened up 24x7 even though you are a layman in electrics.

Lego Light

Endless creativity is guaranteed with the models from the Lego City series and the Heavy Cargo Transport 60183 set made up of only 310 pieces offers nothing less than that. A kid-friendly set suitable for little enthusiasts aged between five and twelve, this vibrant set will even enchant any adult as they recreate or reimagine the transportation scenario of the Heavy Cargo with a helicopter. No matter what your electrical skill is, installing the premium light kit of Lightailing or Briksmax is easy with the plug-and-play setup. As the lights and accessories can get damaged, lost or mixed up with Lego blocks due to their small and delicate buildup, it is recommended to finish assembling the model before opening the box and revealing the kit out of the bubble-wrapped plastic packets.

Specialties Of Heavy Cargo Transport 60183 Set

Light Kit For Heavy Cargo Transport 60183

Just like Lego Technic light kit, this kit comes without any battery and therefore, you should arrange the required number of AA batteries. The light kit has a manufacturing warranty of two years.

The transportation to a worksite outside the city is represented by the Heavy Truck measuring three inches in height, two inches in width and five inches in length. It comes with exhaust pipes, bull bars, opening cab and toolbox.

After lighting Lego extended flatbed trailer measuring one inch high, one inch wide and ten inches long, you can connect it to the cargo truck for hauling the helicopter to another job.

The helicopter is three inches in height, one inch in width and eight inches in length. It has opening cockpit, a chain that can be dropped and hooked to an oil barrel for carrying to worksite and spinning rotors for launching off the trailer.

There are two Minifigures of the helicopter pilot and the truck driver along with accessories like a walkie-talkie, oil barrel, fire extinguisher, shovel, wrench, box and mug.

Highlighting Heavy Cargo Transport 60183 With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For Heavy Cargo Transport 60183

Each light for Lego 60183 should be tested properly along with accessories to make sure that all items are included and they are in the proper state to work smoothly. The lighting kit includes an after-sales warranty card valid for two years.

You will get five Trans red 1x1 round plates, four 1x1x2/3 roof tiles and two Trans clear 1x1 round plates with the kit. Keep the after-sales card safely and the user guide for later installation. The illustrated universal instruction book will help you in learning how to light up Lego.

Light Kit For Heavy Cargo Transport 60183

You will get one slow-flashing 30cm red and four slow-flashing 15cm white lights along with two warm white 15cm, two white 15cm and four red 15cm LEDs. The brick separator will help in concealing and inserting the 30cm connecting wire between Lego blocks.

Prepare the USB hub with a 30cm power cable and set up the 6-port and 12-port expansion boards. Add batteries in the AA battery pack and place the Adhesive Square.

 Make sure you keep the main power at less than 5V. For any manufacturing or shipping issue regarding the light kit, there is a 7-day return and exchange facility.

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