How to Make Incredible to Creator Expert Lego Downtown Diner 10260 Set?

The Lego Creator Expert Downtown Diner 10260 set with nearly 2500 Lego pieces takes you back to the nostalgic days in the 1950s when food was served fast, customers were cool and cheerful music would complement the bustling atmosphere. Hardly any electrical skill will be required when you create a vibrant glow-in-dark look with the premium lighting kit of Briksmax.

Light Kit For Downtown Diner 10260

The fabulous 50s had everything from vibrant streamlined buildings to authentic convertibles and the Lego Creator Expert series tries to take you to that age with its Downtown Diner 10260 set. Standing over thirteen inches high, nine inches wide and nine inches deep, the model consisting of 2480 Lego pieces is suitable for anyone above sixteen. With six Minifigures of the manager, waitress, cook, boxer, builder and rock n’ roll performer, the model has an easy-to-access design so that you can detach any level to reveal the interior and reattach easily. To avoid any issue like damaging or losing any delicate small part, you should complete building the model and then add the handmade Briksmax lighting kit.  

Specialties Of Downtown Diner 10260 Set

Light Kit For Downtown Diner 10260

The Lego Creator set lights  can easily be combined with those for the Parisian Restaurant 10243, Assembly Square 10255, Brick Bank 10251 and Detective’s Office 10246 sets. These models from the Creator Expert Modular Buildings series can be connected with special connector Lego pieces.

In January 2018, flower heads and stalks, 1x3 ‘jumper’ plates, boxing gloves, 2x2 plate having two studs, album cover, decorated door, pink and teal colored elements, album cover and Minifigure dual-face with smiling and singing expressions were added.

Light Kit For Downtown Diner 10260

With LED for Lego Downtown Diner 10260, you can highlight the teal-pink Streamline Moderne façade, Diner signage, arched windows, external staircase, detailed roofline, balconies, opening rooftop terrace and skylight, drainpipe, parking meter, detailed sidewalk, streetlamp, flowerpots, mailbox and pink convertible.

The top-level has recording studio with soundproof walls, vocal booth, refreshment cabinet and mixing desk while the mid-level has boxing gym featuring weight training room, punching bag, boxing ring, wall-clock and water dispenser.

The ground-level has an American downtown diner with large curved window, jukebox, benches, barstools, counter, candy machine, two soda dispensers, cooker hood, stove and kitchen with coffee machine.      

Highlighting Downtown Diner 10260 With Lighting Kit      

Light Kit For Downtown Diner 10260

The light for Downtown Diner 10260 set  is suitable for anyone above six and each accessory of the kit should be tested before use. There are six 1x6 plates, two trans clear 1x1 round plates and five round 1x1 plates for customization.

There is an illustrated instruction manual written in the universal language for step-by-step installation and a user guide for future installation. The after-sales 2-years warranty card should be kept safe.

Light Kit For Downtown Diner 10260

For lighting Lego set, you will get one 30cm and nine 15cm warm white dot lights, one warm white dot light for the lamppost, eleven warm white light strips, one slow-flashing 30cm white and two flashing colored 30cm dot lights.

Pass and conceal one 50cm, two 30cm, five 5cm and five 15cm connecting wires between Lego stubs. Set up one 6-port and two 8-port expansion boards, two Adhesive Squares, tweezers, the AA battery box and one 30cm USB cable.

There is 1-week return and replacement window valid only for manufacturer issues like missing contents on unboxing, damaged or defective parts etc. With accessories like golden record award, buildable barbell, roller skates and guitar, the set has a detailed and realistic look.

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