The Wonderful Build Experience With Lighting Lego Assembly Square 10255

The Lego Creator Expert Assembly Square 10255 model with over four thousand Lego pieces is an expert-level three-storied modular set that makes way for a challenging experience with hidden surprises. 18 premium LEDs and high-quality lighting accessories from Briksmax will help you lighten up this extensive architecture no matter whether you are skilled in electrics or not.

Light Kit For The Assembly Square 10255

Released as a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Lego Creator Expert series, the Assembly Square 10255 set with 4002 Lego pieces consists of intricate and luxurious building sections that are easy to detach. Age-appropriate for any 16+ years old enthusiast, the set comes with eight Minifigures of the dentist, florist, baker, barista, assistant of the music store, photographer, Lego fan, dancer and baby figure. Be it the elaborate façade with intricate doors and windows speaking of unsurpassed wealth or the 3 buildable shop signs, decorative roofline with the rooftop terrace or the spired tower, two streetlamps with al-fresco café furniture or the detailed fountain on tiled sidewalk –there are lots to explore. Once done assembling, unbox the handmade Briksmax light kit to prevent overshadowing the model.        

Specialties Of Assembly Square 10255 Set

Light Kit For The Assembly Square 10255

The Lego Creator light  kit will highlight the model over thirteen inches high with a width of fourteen inches and a depth of four inches. There are several corner angle and curved tiles, roofing elements created by excavator scoops from the Technic series and box windows made of garage doors.

Add Parisian Restaurant 10243, brick Bank 10251 and Detective’s Office 10246 models with it for creating the entire town. There are accessories like ornamental chicken, Chihuahua, candy, pretzel, ballerina skirt, baby carriage, buildable lamps, grill and buildable telephone.

Light Kit For The Assembly Square 10255

The LED light kit for Lego  set will highlight the ground level equipped with florist’s shop, bakery and café, the middle level equipped with music store, dental office and photo studio and the upper level equipped with dance studio and an apartment featuring modular building miniatures like the Eiffel Tower, micro Lego train and so on.   

Highlighting Assembly Square 10255 With Light Kit

Light Kit For The Assembly Square 10255

Anyone above six years old can enjoy installing the Lego Assembly Square 10255 light kit  and make sure the batteries are arranged beforehand as the kit comes without any battery. You should test each item from the kit before installation.

There are two warm white LEDs for the two lampposts, two 15cm red LEDs, one 30cm blue LED, one 30cm and seven warm white 15cm LEDs and eight white light strips. For ease of insertion between the Lego stubs and in order to conceal them from outer look, you can use the brick separator for passing one 5cm, four 30cm and six 15cm connecting wires.

Light Kit For The Assembly Square 10255

The multifunction board will help you adjust the glow and flickering of the LEDs. To know how to light up Lego  Assembly Square 10255, follow each step and illustration from the two universal instruction books. Keep the user guide for further assistance and the after-sales card for manufacturer warranty of two years.

Set up the 6-port expansion board along with two adhesive squares. Add batteries in the two AA battery holders and connect the two 30cm USB cables to the power hubs.

The main power running below 5V will ensure safety while installation. The light kit box with separate plastic packets containing accessories and lights is kept secure with bubble wrapping.

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