Glimpsive Lego Architecture Build Empire State Building 21046

The architectural digest tucked in the heart of New York City gets an extensive look with the expert-level Lego Architecture Empire State Building 21046 model with over 1700 Lego pieces. With ten premium LEDs and high-quality lighting accessories provided by Briksmax and Lightailing, your model will get that magical night look.

Light Kit For Empire State Building 21046

The iconic sky-scraping building from New York City can be recreated with the Lego Empire State Building 21046 set from the Architecture series with 1767 Lego pieces. Suitable for 16+ years old enthusiasts, the miniature model of the art deco tower has a 360-degree displayable design to speak on behalf of the history, heritage, design and travel extravaganza of the city. With the realistic scale depiction and authentic color scheme, it stands 55cm high and therefore, is the tallest model from the series as of July 2019. To avoid damaging or losing any small delicate part, finish building this model first and add the handmade light kit of Briksmax or Lightailing for a vibrant look no matter whether it is day or night.

Specialties Of Empire State Building 21046 Set

The Lego Architecture light kit  should be tested thoroughly before installation and the necessary batteries are to be arranged accordingly as the kit does not include any. The kit box comes with separately packed lights and accessories wrapped by bubble films to avoid any damage.

There is a detailed nameplate of the building and the tiled baseplate featuring Fifth Avenue along with the surrounding roads look perfect in contrast with the six yellow cabs. The four intricate façades, symmetrical curtain wall and silver antenna tower will also get highlighted. 

Light Kit For Empire State Building 21046

Just like the Lego LED light kit, the Lego set also features a booklet featuring information regarding the architectural history of the structure and its designer. You will know the historical facts such as the start of the construction starting on 17thMarch of 1930, opening for business on 1st May of 1931 and the increase of the height by adding the antenna tower in 1950.

Highlighting Empire State Building 21046 With Lighting Kit      

Light Kit For Empire State Building 21046

Age-appropriate for anyone above six, the Lego light kit for 21046 can be set up by anyone with or without any electrical skills. There is an after-sales card in the lighting kit bearing a manufacturer warranty of two years.

You can customize with 17 random colored Lego plates or use those for substitutes. The illustrated instruction manual with steps described in the universal language will help you through the light installation. Make the best out of the user guide during future installation.

Light Kit For Empire State Building 21046

There are two 15cm and two 30cm white LEDs, one solid color projecting lamp, one flashing colored 30cm light and four 15cm blue LEDs in the lighting kit for Lego The brick separator will help in the easy damage-free insertion of the two 50cm connecting wires.

Set up one 6-port and one 8-port expansion boards with the Adhesive Square. Add batteries in the AA battery holder and connect the 30cm cable with the USB hub.

The main power should always be below 5V to prevent electrical hazards. For any type of manufacturer defect, you can send the lighting kit in a week from delivery and the replacement will be provided.   

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