Super Impressive, Highly Authentic and Displayble Set: Lighting Lego Land Rover Defender 42110

Car enthusiasts can assemble the stunningly detailed and multifunctional Lego Technic Land Rover Defender 42110 set with over 2500 Lego pieces is a perfect replica of the car from 2019. Once you have finished building the structure, add the handmade and premium lighting accessories including 21 high-quality LED lights from Briksmax that are installable even without electrical knowledge.

Light Kit For Land Rover Defender 42110

The Land Rover Defender, since its release, has stunned car lovers with its multifunctional design on sculpted surfaces and the ground-gripping authentic rims, to name a few. The Lego Technic series has brought to you the Land Rover Defender 42110 model with 2573 pieces that anyone above eleven can assemble. From the moving pistons on the engine with inline six engines to the working system, opening doors to the storage box space on the removable roof rack –there are lots to explore. The Lego car will always attract glances and glow in the dark if you add the plug-and-play Briksmax lighting kit.

Specialties Of Land Rover Defender 42110 Set

Light Kit For Land Rover Defender 42110

Each LED for Lego Land Rover Defender 42110  set and the accessories should be tested for proper functionality. Developed and upgraded in association with Land Rover in the olive green, black and grey color scheme, the car model stands above eight inches in height with a width of seven inches and a length of sixteen inches and has several authentic stickers.

The engine and winch can be revealed by opening the bonnet and you will see the functions like All Wheel Drive having three differentials, four-speed sequential gearbox and independent suspension on each axle.

Light Kit For Land Rover Defender 42110

In October 2019, the transmission system was added with two levers to engage high and low gear ratios along with the selector to change gear –it is the most upscale gearbox in the Lego Technic series.

The Lego Technic set light kit will highlight the detailed cabin with dashboard, forward-folding backseats and functional steering wheel revealed on opening the front doors. 

The tail door can be opened by turning the spare wheel mounted on the back. Also included are ladder, traction mats and pannier.   

Highlighting Land Rover Defender 42110 With Light Kit

Light Kit For Land Rover Defender 42110

The Lego light kits are created for safe operation by any 6+ years old and the hardcover boxes come with bubble-wrapped plastic packets containing LEDs and accessories separately. As you do not get batteries with the kit, arrange those before installation.

Use the sixteen random Lego plates for customization and/or as substitutes. The instruction book with universal language and illustrations will help you in the light kit setup. The user guide is for future use and the after-sales card offers a manufacturer warranty of 2 years from the delivery date.

Light Kit For Land Rover Defender 42110

For lighting Lego, you will get two warm white strips, eight warm white 15cm LEDs, two 30cm white, one 30cm and four 15cm red, two 15cm blue and two 10cm yellow LEDs. Brick separators will help in smooth insertion and concealing of the two 15cm and two 30cm connecting cables.

Set up one 8-port and two 12-port expansion boards along with two Adhesive Squares. Insert batteries in the AA battery holder and connect the 30cm power cable with the USB hub while making sure that main power voltage remains less than 5V.

If you notice any defective i.e. broken or malfunctioning part from the light kit within the next seven days of delivery, send the kit back so that a replacement can be sent back to you.  

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