Impressive Highlight Display For StarWars Jedi Master Fans: Daazzling Lego Yoda 75255

Create a Lego version of your favorite character from the Star Wars universe with the Yoda 75255 set made up of over 1700 pieces. Six premium handmade LEDs and high-quality LED accessories from Briksmax will help giving this character structure a vibrant look, especially when it is dark around.

Light Kit For Yoda 75255

Any science nerd who has been following the Star Wars movies since 1977 and watched The Empire Strikes Back released in 1980, is well-acquainted with the character of Yoda. This pocket-size powerhouse Jedi master, who is over 800 years old and trained Jedis, as well as Luke Skywalker to unlock the path of immortality, gets a detailed look with the Yoda 75255 set. Consisting of 1771 Lego pieces, it is age-appropriate for anyone above ten years. No electrical knowledge is needed to install the Briksmax lighting kit and you should always install the lights after completing the structure so that no delicate or small part gets lost or damaged.       

Specialties Of Yoda 75255 Model

Light Kit For Yoda 75255

The Lego Star Wars light kit contains plastic packets secured from external damage with bubble sheets and each packet has lights and accessories packed separately. Holding the signature green lightsaber beside his Minifigure and the fact plaque will not only make a great display piece in your collection of models from the Lego Star Wars series but also lets you role-play in various scenes from the movies.

Standing above sixteen inches in height, the set resembles the one you have seen in the movie Star Wars (Episode II): Attack of the Clones from 2002.

Light Kit For Yoda 75255

The LED for Lego Yoda 75255 will highlight the posable eyebrows on the posable head, movable toes and fingers to hold the lightsaber.

The fact plaque contains details regarding this intriguing character from the movies and there is a display stand where you can place the lightsaber and the Minifigure of Yoda.

Highlighting Yoda 75255 With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For Yoda 75255

Anyone above six years of age can enjoy lighting Lego Yoda 75255 although you should keep the kit away from infants due to choking hazard risks or supervise kids when they play with it. As the kit comes without batteries, you have to arrange required batteries in advance.

You can utilize the seventeen random colored Lego plates as substitutes or for customization. There is after-sale card guaranteeing a manufacturer warranty of 2 years.

For better understanding for everyone around the world, the instruction manual is described in the universal language and has illustrations for ease of installation through each step.

Light Kit For Yoda 75255

There is a user guide that you can utilize for the latter installation steps. Insert batteries in the three CR2032 Oval battery packs and one AA battery holder.

Once you know how to light up Lego set, add the two green light bars, two solid color projection lamps, one 15cm green LED and two blue 15cm blue LEDs.

There are two expansion boards, each with 6 ports that you can prepare. Also included are an Adhesive Square and four USB power cables measuring 30cm each.

If you find any part broken or damaged on unboxing or notice that any content is missing, return the light kit within seven days so that a replacement can be issued for you.  

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