How To Make Your Christmas Lego Sets Shine!

From Elf Club House to Winter Village Post Office, Winter Cottages to Christmas Tree, lightening up the models during the holiday season is now everyone’s cup of tea. Designed as plug-and-play sets from Briksmax and Lightailing.

Christmas through New Year is undoubtedly the best holiday season that lets you decorate your house and lighten it up with as many lights as you want. The Lego enthusiasts will find decorating their Lego models equally charming because adding lights means that those tirelessly and meticulously assembled models get all the attention from the onlookers. While Christmas lighting decoration is strictly limited to adults, highlighting the Lego models is easy even for a 6+ years old kid as the light kits from Briksmax and Lightailing are plug-and-play sets. Here are the five models that you can consider brightening up this season –

Elf Club House Light Kit

Light Kit For Elf Club House 10275

Each accessory and light for Elf House 10275 is to be tested properly after you open the light kit box to be assured that those are in proper shape to work smoothly. This Creator Expert set with 1197 pieces can be highlighted both frontwards and backwards with warm white, red, white and green LEDs to highlight the interior, the multicolored light string on the roof, the entrance lamp and the Christmas tree.

Winter Village Cottage Light Kit

Light Kit For Expert Winter Village Cottage 10229

The Lego lights for Winter Village Cottage 10229 comprising 1490 pieces include white, green, yellow and blue LEDs that are accompanied by connecting cables to lighten up the interior on two levels, the lamppost and the string lights of the rooftop. There are expansion boards, Adhesive Squares and USB cable to help in lightening up the igloo, snowplow, fireplace and storage shed.   

Winter Village Post Office Lights

Light Kit For Winter Village Post Office 10222

One of the most celebrated models from the Lego Creator Winter Village exclusive series, the Post Office 10222 with 822 pieces can be lightened up with two 15cm white, one standard 15cm, one large 30cm and two large 15cm warm white, one 15cm and two 10cm yellow, two 15cm and eleven 10cm red LEDs along with three small warm white light strips. The Lego Post Office light kit also includes two 5cm, two 15cm and one 30cm connecting wires, two 30cm USB power cables, one LR44 and one AA battery holders, two 6-port and two 8-port expansion boards and two Adhesive Squares.

Christmas Tree Lights

Light Kit For Christmas tree 40338

Designed by Mel Caddice, the Lego Seasonal exclusive model Christmas Tree 40338 set with 392 pieces features a base with a rotating mechanism, foliage made up of green plates, vibrant decorations and a large yellow top star. The LED lights for Lego Christmas Tree include yellow, warm white and blue lights to highlight the foliage, the top star and the gifts.

Christmas Wreath 2-in-1 Lights     

Light Kit For Christmas Wreath 2-in-1 40426

The Christmas Wreath 2-in-1 40426 with 510 Lego pieces can be assembled either as a wreath with the red bow or the one with four candles signifying four weeks of advent. The Lego Christmas light kit consists of red lights for the bow and blue, yellow, white and green lights for the wreath decorative.

Each light kit comes with a universal instruction book to help you through the installation steps with illustrations and the user guide for future installation assistance. Designed for layman and expert in electrics alike, these come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

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