Checkout the Lighting Details Of Lego Heartlake Hospital 41318 Set

The beginner-level Lego Friends Heartlake Hospital 41318 model with over eight hundred Lego pieces can let your kids recreate various scenes from the series or customize them according to their choice. Briksmax has 24 high-quality LEDs and premium accessories for you to lighten the model up no matter whether you have electrical skills or not.

Light Kit For Heartlake Hospital 41318

Kids love to watch animated series and the Lego Friends of Heartlake City was such a show that enchanted kids and adults alike. The Lego Friends series has, therefore, brought out the kid-friendly Heartlake Hospital made up of 871 pieces that any kid aged between seven and twelve can assemble easily. Even adult Lego enthusiasts can have a casual Lego building experience with the model and enjoy role-playing with the three Mini dolls to reminisce childhood. What doubles up the enjoyment is the handmade Briksmax lighting kit including LED lights and compatible accessories that are plug-and-play for ease of installation by layman and expert in electrics alike.

 Specialties Of Heartlake Hospital 41318 Set

Light Kit For Heartlake Hospital 41318

The Lego Friends set light  kit does not include any battery and hence, you have to purchase three batteries in advance. Always open the light kit box after finishing assembly otherwise the small delicate parts might get damaged, mingled up or lost among the scattered Lego pieces.

The hospital building stands above ten inches in height with eleven inches in width and two inches in depth. There are Mini dolls of Henry, Olivia and Dr. Patel along with the newborn baby figure of Ola. You can use these dolls with other construction toys from the Lego Friends segment.

Light Kit For Heartlake Hospital 41318

With the Lego City lights, you can highlight the three levels of the hospital medical rooms, patient care equipment, nursery featuring the rocking crib, weighing scales and bathroom, the X-ray suite featuring lightbox and scanner and the examination room featuring microscope to check samples and a bed.

There is the waiting room downstairs with vending machine and reception desk, the emergency entrance to enter the ambulance that is two inches high, one inch deep and four inches long and the helicopter with a helipad.    

Highlighting Heartlake Hospital 41318 With Lighting Kit  

Light Kit For Heartlake Hospital 41318

Each light for Lego 41318 along with the accessories are packed separately in plastic packets that are protected from damage while transporting the hardcover box with air-bubble films wrapped around. The light kit is age-appropriate for anyone above six years old and has a manufacturing guarantee of two years from the delivery date.

There is an illustrated instruction book where each installation step is written in the universal language. The user guide is there for future installation assistance while the after-sales card offers a warranty. The eleven random colored Lego plates are there for customization or for using as substitutes.

Light Kit For Heartlake Hospital 41318

One 5cm and three 15cm connecting cables are to be passed between the stubs with the help of brick separator. For lighting Lego model, you will get two 15cm red, one 15cm colored, two 15cm blue, four 15cm yellow slow-flashing lights along with four 10cm, three 15cm and one 30cm warm white, two 10cm white and two 15cm red LEDs, one white and two warm white light strips.

Set up the one 12-port and two 8-port expansion boards with the Oval CR2032 and AA battery holders, two Adhesive Squares and the USB hub with a 30cm power cable.

You can return any light kit if there is a missing accessory or any part is not working properly or has been delivered in broken condition. The replacement will be issued afterwards.

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