A Great LEGO Star Wars Collectible Construction With 20th Anniversary Edition 75261 Clone Scout Walker!

With five high-quality LED lights, the Lego Star Wars Clone Scout Walker 75261 set consisting of only 200+ Lego pieces can get a new look while you role-play with three Minifigures. Briksmax also offers handmade lighting accessories that anyone can install without much electrical skill.

Clone Scout Walker 75261

If you are a fan of the Star Wars saga and an avid Lego builder, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Lego Star Wars series can be made more enjoyable with the Clone Scout Walker 75261. With only 250 pieces, this kid-friendly set suitable for any 6+ years old is the reinterpreted model of the 2005 version of Clone Scout Walker 7250 and includes the three Minifigures of 20th Anniversary special Darth Vader, Wookie Warrior and Kashyyyk Trooper with a Battle Droid. Just like the Lego set, the Briksmax lighting kit is age-appropriate for 6+ years old enthusiasts i.e. the premium lights and accessories have a plug-and-play setup requiring no electrical knowledge.  

Special Features Of Clone Scout Walker 75261 Set

Clone Scout Walker 75261

The kit contains only accessories and lights for Lego 75262 Clone Scout Walker i.e. there is no battery in the box. Always finish building the structure and get the required number of AA batteries in advance.

The Dwarf Spider Battle Droid stands three inches in height, two inches in length and two inches in width. It features the posable head that was added in April 2019, a blaster, posable legs, stud shooter, movable antenna and the trench section containing the non-firing gun.

Clone Scout Walker 75261

The AT-RT Clone Scout Walker vehicle stands above eight inches in height with the antenna, two inches in width and five inches in length. Use the Lego lights to highlight the posable legs, the seating area on top for Kashyyyk Trooper, the stud shooter on its front and a turning turret.

On the commemorative stand the logo stating its 20thAnniversary is inscribed and on it stands the authentic representation of the Darth Vader figure from 1999 with his red lightsaber. Also included are the rifle and blaster of Wookie Warrior and Kashyyyk Trooper respectively.

Brightening Up Clone Scout Walker 75261

Clone Scout Walker 75261

The lights for Lego Star Wars set and the accessories are packed separately in plastic packets, secured with air-bubble films and kept inside the hardcover box. On opening the box, ensure that all items are included and test each of them properly before installing.

Customize the model with the two randomized Lego plates. Keep the after-sales guarantee card safely for two years as the manufacturer warranty. Follow the illustrations and installation steps written in the universal language from the instruction book. The user guide is to use during further installation.

Clone Scout Walker 75261

Learn how to set up the brick separator to pass the 5cm connecting wire between the stubs. For lighting Lego set, you get a white striplight, a warm white 15cm LED, a slow-flashing 15cm red LED and two red 30cm LEDs.

Prepare the 6-port expansion board, set up the Adhesive Square and connect the 30cm USB cable. Put batteries in the Oval CR2032 battery holder. Keep the main power below 5v and you are all set.

If you find any part missing in the kit or notice any light or accessory malfunctioning or damaged within seven days of delivery, get the kit replaced by returning it within a week.

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