Lighting Introduction, Fun And Action With Lego Great Fire Chief Response Truck 60231 Set!

With only over two hundred Lego pieces, the Lego City Fire Chief Response Truck 60231 is a beginner-level set featuring two Minifigures, electrical box and digital play with Lego Life. After the structure is complete, check out nine high-quality LED lights and accessories from Lightailing or Briksmax so that the Lego model is highlighted 24x7 regardless of the surrounding light condition.  

Light Kit For Fire Chief Response Truck 60231

Paying a tribute to the valiant firefighters, the Lego City series has come up with the beginner-level model of Fire Chief Response Truck 60231. Straight out of the popular animated television show Lego City from 2019, this kid-friendly model suitable for anyone above five years old with only 201 Lego pieces. Young ones dreaming about joining the firefighters can recreate various scenes with the model or use their imagination to come up with new scenarios featuring the two Minifigures of the firefighter and Freya McCloud. No matter your skill in electrics is efficient, moderate or null, the premium plug-and-play lighting kit of Lightailing or Briksmax can be set up easily to prevent the structure from overshadowing in dark.   

Specialties Of Fire Chief Response Truck 60231 Set

Light Kit For Fire Chief Response Truck 60231

The Lego lights  and accessories are packed without batteries in separate plastic packets wrapped with bubble sheets inside the sturdy box. The lights will brighten up the Fire Truck standing two inches in height with a width of two inches and a length of six inches.

Check compatibility and download the Lego Life app on your Android or iOS device. Get intuitive instructions from the Instruction Plus along with better visualization using Ghost mode, easy zooming in and out and rotating for ease of assembly among kids.

Light Kit For Fire Chief Response Truck 60231

The LED for Lego  will highlight the buildable fire truck featuring a detachable ladder, screen of the cab, opening roof and accessories including the fire axe, megaphone, walkie-talkie, mug, fire extinguisher and two blue and white cones.

There is a water cannon connected to the water tank that can shoot four brick water particles at buildable flame elements of the electrical box. It has opening doors and measures one inch with the square ground plate.        

Highlighting Fire Chief Response Truck 60231 With Light Kit 

Light Kit For Fire Chief Response Truck 60231

The lighting kit is designed for any 6+ years old enthusiast and offers 2-year manufacturer warranty with the after-sales card. Test each light for Lego 60231 and accessory properly before installing.

There are two random colored Lego plates that you can use as substitutes or for customization. The universal instruction book with illustration is for step-by-step installation assistance while the user guide is for future installation help.

Set up brick separator to insert the connecting wires easily through the Lego stubs. There are two slow-flashing 15cm white LEDs, one warm white 15cm LED and four 15cm white LEDs for lighting Lego  Fire Chief Response Truck 60231.

Light Kit For Fire Chief Response Truck 60231

Put batteries inside the Oval CR2032 battery box and connect the 30cm power cord with the USB hub. Prepare the Adhesive Square and the 12-port expansion board. Keep the main power less than 5v to avoid any electrical hazard.

There is a return-and-replacement window of seven days from the date of delivery. Within this period, if you notice any part missing on opening the box or any part damaged or malfunctioning, return it for a replacement.

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