Lighting Lego City Arctic Air Transport 60193 Set

Recreate an Arctic expedition and collection of extinct tiger fossil with the kid-friendly Lego City Air Transport 60193 model made up of over 250 Lego pieces. There are seven premium-quality LEDs and handmade light accessories from Briksmax to help you get started with brightening up the set especially when it is dark around and you do not even need electrical skills to install the plug-and-play kit.

Light Kit For Arctic Air Transport 60193

The Lego City models have always been creative enough to let enthusiasts re-imagine various make-believe situations and the Lego Air Transport 60193 set is no exception. With only 277 pieces, this is a beginner-level model designed for kids in the age group of six to twelve, although any adult with a penchant for Lego building can have a great leisure-time activity with this one. Once you are done with assembling, open the Briksmax light kit box and unfurl the bubble sheets to reveal plastic packets containing LED lights and accessories that can be easily installed with or without knowledge of electrics.

Specialties Of Air Transport 60193 Set

Light Kit For Arctic Air Transport 60193

Each delicate light for Lego  set along with the small accessories is to be tested properly before installation. Make sure you do not unbox those before finishing Lego building, otherwise there can be choking hazard risks for infants or you might end up losing, damaging or mixing them up with scattered Lego pieces.

There are two Minifigures of Lego explorers i.e. the arctic pilot and the arctic climber. Before lighting Lego City model, place the translucent blue ice block measuring two inches high, three inches deep and one inch wide with the prehistoric figure of the Saber-Toothed Tiger frozen inside.

Light Kit For Arctic Air Transport 60193

The heavy-duty three inches high, eleven inches wide and nine inches long Quadrocopter comes with an opening Minifigure cockpit, ski landing gear, four spinning rotors for launching and taking off and the functioning winch featuring hook and rope.   

With the Lego City light  kit, you can highlight the all-terrain vehicle measuring one inch high, one inch wide and two inches long. The ice block has an opening side and top hook latch and by turning the knob, you can lower the hook of the ATV to connect with the latch.   

Highlighting Air Transport 60193 With Light Kit

Light Kit For Arctic Air Transport 60193

The Lego LED light kit is suitable for any 6+ years old enthusiast while offering a manufacturing guarantee for 2 years with the after-sales warranty card. As there is no battery in the pack, you have to arrange those in advance.

There are two warm white 10cm, one white 15cm, two slow-flashing 15cm red and two slow-flashing 15cm green LEDs. Pass the connecting cables smoothly with the help of a brick separator.

Light Kit For Arctic Air Transport 60193

The illustrated and universal instruction manual will show you how to light up Lego set while the user guide will help in further installations. Use the two random colored Lego plates for customization.

Use the Adhesive Square and the 8-port expansion board properly. Put batteries in the Oval CR2032 battery holder. Connect the 30cm power cable for the USB hub.

With accessories like a saw and two pickaxes, this set lets you role-play into several situations like taking the ATV vehicle to the excavation site or instruct the quadrocopter inside it to bring out the fossilized Saber Tooth Tiger. If you find any damage or defect in the lighting kit, return it within a week and a replacement will be issued.

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