Lighting Lego Donut Shop Opening 60233 Set Best Gift For City Fans

The Lego City Donut Shop Opening 60233 set with above five hundred pieces and ten Minifigures is a kid-friendly set that lets you recreate various scenes from the animated TV series. Briksmax lighting kit with 25 high-quality LED lights and compatible handmade accessories is easy to install by anyone regardless of electrical skills and will keep the model bright no matter whether it is day or night.

Light Kit For Donut Shop Opening 60233

If you used to watch the animated television series of Lego City and have a penchant for Lego building, the Donut Shop Opening 60233 set can be a great option to recreate various scenes. With only 585 Lego pieces, this beginner-level set is age-appropriate for anyone abo0ve six years old and therefore, you can use this model to introduce your little ones to the fascinating Lego world. There are several accessories in this Lego City model such as the whirly hat added in June 2019, toy guitar, teddy bear, toy train, skateboard, camera, fishing net, crowbar, microphone, four cookies, five donuts, five muffins, five coffee cups and one money bill. Once you have finished building, install the Briksmax light kit to make the structure stand out in the dark.

Specialties Of Donut Shop Opening 60233 Set

Light Kit For Donut Shop Opening 60233

The Lego City lighting will highlight the donut shop including donut with a height of six inches, a width of five inches and a depth of two inches. The lights will also make the ATM, toy shop, News Van, truck with crane, taxi, police motorbike and coffee cargo vibrant while preventing overshadowing.

There are Minifigures of police officer Duke DeTrain, owner of the toy shop, a crook, truck driver, two baristas, a cameraman, a reporter, a child and a taxi driver.

The news van has removable roof just like the taxi and features TV screens, satellite dish, production equipment and the cargo bike and umbrella added in June 2019.

Light Kit For Donut Shop Opening 60233

Use Lego lights to highlight the Donut Shop featuring a giant donut on rooftop that can be released by the trigger function, an ATM adjacent to the building, coffee machine and opening door.

The five inches high, two inches deep and four inches wide toy shop features toy shelves and balloons. The eleven inches long truck has crane trailer featuring a knob for lifting the crane, extendable boom arm, chain, extendable stabilizing legs and the platform for holding the Donut.    

Highlighting Donut Shop Opening 60233 With Lighting Kit   

Light Kit For Donut Shop Opening 60233

Lighting Lego is age-appropriate for any enthusiast above six just as the Lego building, which is made easier with the Lego Life app that lets you zoom in or out, use ghost-mode and rotate. Get batteries in advance as the light kit does not include any.

You will get four random colored Lego plates for customization. Insert the batteries in the four CR2032 Oval battery holders and set up the rick separator to pass one 30cm connecting wire.

Light Kit For Donut Shop Opening 60233

The universal illustrated manual will tell you how to lightup Lego while the user guide will help in future installation. Learn how to set up two Adhesive Squares, one 30cm power cable for USB, two 8=port and three 6-port expansion boards.

Light up the model with one large 15cm, one large 30cm, five 10cm and four 15cm warm white LEDs, four 10cm and four 15cm red and two 30cm and four 15cm yellow LEDs.

For any discrepancy such as missing pieces, broken or defective accessories, get the light kit replaced be returning within a week. The after-sales card offers you a warranty of two years.  

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