Lighting Build Lego City A Great Vehicles Forest Tractor 60181

The beginner-level Lego City Forest Tractor 60181 with only over 150 Leo pieces can help your little ones use their imagination into something productive. Encourage your kids or install the high-quality lighting accessories and seven premium LEDs from Briksmax by yourself to keep the model highlighted throughout day and night.

Light Kit For Forest Tracto 60181

Looking for a simple Lego set to assemble at your leisure time or a kid-friendly set to introduce your kids to the enchanting Lego world? Well, the Lego City series has you covered with the vibrant Forest Tractor 60181 set made up of only 174 Lego pieces. Although it is age-appropriate for any kid aged between five and twelve, an adult Lego enthusiast can make the best out of it, especially after the Lego building is complete. As the lighting accessories and LEDs are very small or delicate to get damaged or lost if you are careless enough to handle them with scattered Lego pieces, it is recommended to unbox the Briksmax light kit after finishing the structure.

Specialties Of Forest Tractor 60181 Set

Light Kit For Forest Tracto 60181

The Lego City light kit box contains bubble wrapped plastic packets where lights and accessories are packed separately. As there is no battery included, make sure you get three AA batteries beforehand.

The Forest Tractor stands over three inches in height with a width of three inches and a length of seven inches. It comes with a Minifigure of the lumberjack who can cut the tree logs along the stand to proper length with a chainsaw.

Use the Lego lights to highlight the massive wheels, two chains, the buildable one inch wide small log stand and the opening claw of the tractor arm. Pick up logs with the claw or move them around to place them in the proper place.

The accessories include a shovel, a chainsaw, two buildable logs measuring two inches in length each and the small one inch high pine tree.    

Highlighting Forest Tractor 60181 With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For Forest Tracto 60181

Each accessory, as well as light for Lego Forest Tractor 60181, should be tested properly before installation. You do not need any electrical knowledge to install the lights as the kit is a plug-and-play model suitable for anyone above six years old.

You will get the user guide book that comes in handy as future installation assistance. The illustrated instruction book, on the other hand, describes each installation step in the universal language.

Light Kit For Forest Tracto 60181

The after-sales card offers a manufacturer guarantee of two years starting from the date of delivery. The five random colored Lego plates can be used as substitutes or for customization.

For lighting Lego Forest Tractor 60181, you will get two 15cm LEDs or white glow, three 15cm LEDs of warm white glow and two 15cm LEDs of reddish glow. There are connecting wires that can be inserted smoothly between the stubs with the help of a brick separator.

Set up the AA battery pack with batteries bought separately and the USB hub with the power cable measuring 30cm in length. Prepare the Adhesive Square and the 8-port expansion board.

Always ensure that all accessories and lights are included in the light kit. If you notice any discrepancy such as missing, malfunctioning or broken part, return it in a week to get the replacement.

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