A Build Epic and Impressive Amphitheatre Lego Set Colosseum 10276!

The Lego Creator Expert Colosseum 10276 Set made up of nearly ten thousand Lego pieces can give you a virtual tour of one of the Seven Wonders of the World from Rome. Warm white and green LEDs from Briksmax accompanied by handmade accessories will give this architecture a vibrant night look.

Light Kit For Colosseum 10276

The Lego Architecture series has several structures in its list starting from the London Skyline to the Burj Khalifa and now the Creator Expert series has brought the Colosseum 10276 set. The rich and often infamous history surrounding this architectural digest from Rome is not unknown to any and this expert-level model with 9036 Lego pieces is a faithful representation of that majestic amphitheater. Starting from the façade of the outer wall to the enormous mysterious design running beneath the arena –there are lots to assemble and this is why it is age-appropriate for anyone above 18. When in Rome, do as Romans do and when you are building the largest Lego structure, brighten it up with the premium lighting kit of Briksmax, regardless of your electrical skills.

Highlighting The Colosseum 10276 Set With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For Colosseum 10276

Each accessory and light for Lego Colosseum 10276 are to be properly inspected after you open the plastic packets from the air-bubble wrapping that keeps the delicate package safe from damage inside the box. Always install lights after you finish assembling this structure depicting the imperial past of Italy.   

At above 10.5 inches in height, 20.5 inches in width and 23.5 inches in depth, it is one of the largest structures as of November 2020 although you can easily turn and lift it accordingly.

Light Kit For Colosseum 10276

Anyone with a penchant for engineering and architecture will love to set up three levels along with the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns before adorning them with Lego lights.

For ease of assembly, refer to the coffee-table booklet that comes with building instructions and details on the history of this structure. Place the Lego Creator Expert Fiat Nuova 500 10271 beside the Colosseum for an extensive Roman cityscape look.

If you are not sure about how to light up Lego set, Briksmax offers you the universally written and illustrated instruction manual that has all the installation steps described. The user guide, on the other hand, will be helpful in future installation.

Light Kit For Colosseum 10276

As an engineering and monumental marvel, the structure features the surviving archways, olive trees and travertine paving stones, the arches on the northern part and the Corinthian pilasters. For lighting Lego, you will get yellow and warm white LEDsthat are to be connected with cables.

The oval grey display base with a 360-degree design holds the structure in such a way that the arches are visible from any angle. Green LEDs are offered to highlight the hypogeum beneath the base. The elliptical free-standing model decorated with Lego LED light kit recreates the ancient structure that could accommodate 80,000 spectators.

The lighting kit includes expansion boards with Adhesive squares, a USB cable and an AA battery holder, for which you need to buy batteries separately. It comes with a 2-years warranty guaranteed by the after-sales card.

If there is any part missing or any defective or damaged light or accessory, you get to return it within a week and get a replacement.

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