Enjoy High-Speed Action With The Lighting Lego Technic 42090 Getaway Truck!

With only above a hundred Lego pieces, the Lego Technic Getaway Truck 42090 is a beginner-level model suitable for anyone who loves cars. Briksmax makes the Lego building experience more enjoyable by incorporating the high-quality lighting kit comprising five premium LEDs and accessories that can be installed even though you do not have any electrical skill.

Light Kit For Getaway Truck 42090

Does your kid love to play with new toy cars? Do you, in your adult age, still love to collect cars? If the answer to either or both is yes, the Lego Getaway Truck 42090 is the perfect set for you from the Lego Technic series. With only 128 Lego pieces, it is a kid-friendly set suitable for anyone above five years old. For a more action-packed scenario, you can combine the Police Pursuit pull-back 42091 set with this model for creating the Ultimate 4x4 Combo structure. Once you are done assembling, it is time to open the box, unwrap the air-bubble films around the plastic packets and bring out the handmade LEDs and accessories from Briksmax.

Specialties Of Getaway Truck 42090 Set

Light Kit For Getaway Truck 42090

As the Lego lights and accessories are small and delicate, those can get mixed up or damaged if handled carelessly with Lego pieces. Finish assembling first and then purchase the required AA batteries as the kit does not include any.

The Getaway Truck stands above two inches in height with a width of three inches and a length of seven inches. When combined as the 4x4 Combi set, the height is above three inches with a length of nine inches and a width of three inches.

Light Kit For Getaway Truck 42090

Use Lego LED lights to highlight the car with a color scheme of red, grey and black and the badass flame stickers. The rugged design is complemented by the powerful pull-back motor, large chunky tires, extra-wide rims, heavy-duty bunker to the front and two large exhaust pipes mounted on the sides.   

Install the Instruction Plus app on your mobile device to get interactive guidance on Lego assembly. The light for Lego will bring the chasing sequence with the Police Pursuit vehicle alive as you activate the robust pull-back motor of the super-rugged car.  

Highlighting Getaway Truck 42090 With Light Kit

Light Kit For Getaway Truck 42090

The Lego Technic light kit is age-appropriate for anyone above the age of six years and has a manufacturer warranty valid for two years from the delivery date with the after-sales card. Verify that all items are in the kit and regardless of your skill, you are good to go for the light installation as it is a plug-and-play set.

Make use of the two random colored Lego plates as substitutes or for customization. Follow the illustrated installation steps written in the universal instruction book and for further assistance, take help from the user guide.

Light Kit For Getaway Truck 42090

Light up Lego Getaway Truck 42090 with one warm white 15cm LED, two white 15cm LEDs and two red 15cm LEDs. Conceal the connecting cables and pass them between stubs with the help of the brick separator.

Prepare a 6-port expansion board, an Adhesive Square, the AA battery box and the USB hub with a 30cm power cord.

Always test each light and accessory after unboxing and if you notice any defect, get it replaced immediately. Also, keep the main power below 5V to avoid any electrical hazard.

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