Level-Up Your Creator Expert Lego Downtown Diner 10260 Set

The Lego Creator Expert Downtown Diner 10260 consisting of 2400+ pieces can get a vibrant getup with 25 high-quality LED lights. Briksmax also provides compatible light accessories designed for anyone with or without electrical language that can be installed easily, thanks to the plug and play model.

Light Kit For Downtown Diner 10260

Dipped in the nostalgia of the 1950s, the Lego Downtown Diner 10260 set takes you back to the laid-back setting when food was served fast, the customers kept their cool and good music kept them entertained. While using imagination, a rewarding and challenging Lego building is guaranteed with this set from the Lego Creator Expert series. Comprising 2480 pieces, it is an expert-level model suitable for any 16+ years old enthusiast and comes with pins attached below to connect with other modular sets from Lego Creator namely Parisian Restaurant 10243, Brick Bank 10251, Assembly Square 10255 and Detective’s Office 10246 for an extensive look. Once you are done assembling, bring out the handmade lighting kit of Briksmax to keep this thirteen inches high, nine inches wide and nine inches deep model brightened up.   

Features Of Downtown Diner 10260

Light Kit For Downtown Diner 10260

The light for Lego Downtown Diner 10260 set makes sure that the elements added in January 2018 namely the decorated door, pink and teal accessories, album cover, dual face smiling and singing Minifigure, Minifigure torso and boxing gloves, flower heads and flower stalks get highlighted. Also included are 2x2 plates, two studs and 1x3 jumper plates with accessories like guitar, roller skates, buildable barbell and golden record award.

The Lego set lights can highlight the ground level featuring the downtown American diner with open-plan kitchen, large curved front window, benches, red barstools, candy machine, jukebox, soda dispensers, counter, cooker, stove and coffee machine.

There is boxing gym on mid-level with boxing ring, weight-training room, punching bag, wall clock and water dispenser while the recording studio on the upper level has vocal booth, refreshment cabinet, soundproof walls and mixing desk.

Light Kit For Downtown Diner 10260

While lighting Lego, you can remove the levels to access interiors and also highlight the façade with ‘Diner’ sign, arched windows, staircase, balconies, sidewalk, pink convertible, parking meter, mailbox, streetlamp, drainpipe, decorative roofline, rooftop terrace and opening skylight.

Place the six Minifigures of the chef, boxer, waitress, manager, rockstar and bodybuilder. Let the chef prepare food while the waitress roller-skates to serve, let the rockstar take ride on the convertible while the boxer works out at the gym.

Lighten Up Downtown Diner 10260

Light Kit For Downtown Diner 10260

The Lego Creator light kit is designed for any 6+ years old Lego builder and has a guarantee of two years with the after-sales card. As there is no battery, get three AA batteries separately for the kit.

You will get one dot light of warm white tone for the lamppost, eleven warm white strip lights, one 30cm and nine 15cm warm white dot lights, one white slow-flashing 30cm dot light and two flashing colored 30cm dot lights.

Light Kit For Downtown Diner 10260

Learn how to light up Lego from the illustrated instruction book and keep the user guide for future assistance. There are two Trans Clear 1x1 round plates, five 1x1 round plates and six 1x6 plates for customization.

Keep the brick separator for passing one 50cm, two 30cm, five 5cm and five 15cm connecting wires between stubs. Set up one 6-port and two 8-port expansion boards with two Adhesive Squares, Tweezers and a 30cm USB cable.

Test each LED and accessory properly before installing. In case of any damaged, missing or defective part, get it replaced within a week.  

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