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What does lego mean to you? Did you start assembling Lego pieces when you were a kid or was it during early school days that you got a hold of this craze? Irrespective of what your age is, Lego art is one of those indispensable hobbies that you can never have enough of. For most of us, as kids building cars or houses with Lego bricks would have been a perfect pastime. And as you grow older, the simple structures built with Lego pieces would no longer enchant you because by then you have developed a fandom for Sci-fi movies like Star Wars and Harry Potter.

But then again Lego has reached every corner of imagination! There are some who have been trying out their automobile engineering skill by building Lego cars, and some are building architectural pieces like a simple house or detective’s house, Simpson’s market place or the famous architectural marvels like London Bridge, Buckingham Palace etc. 

With all these and many more structures awaiting your Lego building skill, it would strike you that if the structures got the perfect lighting, the details would have been more evident to naked eyes. But how can you choose your perfect lighting kit?

Star war

More Structures Means More Lights

Yes, an avid Lego enthusiast would never stop after creating a masterpiece lego model like the miniature Eiffel Tower but rather try his or her hands on creating more and complicated structures that will challenge his or her skills. If you are getting a minimal lighting kit for a Lego car like Volkswagen Beetle 10252, it is quite obvious that the kit would not suffice a thorough architecture like the London Skyline or Carousel Set as for larger structures you need more lights.

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Go For Customizable Lighting Kits

Everyone loves to customize structures which are not absolute – while structures like the Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge of London or Arc de Triomphe are to be built just as the real structure looks like, you are free to customize with the structures like Café Corner, Pet Shop, Palace Cinema and so on. The lightailing lights bought for the world famous architectures can easily be used for the customizable structures like the house, detective’s office etc. The more you get to customize, the better you can satisfy your skill set. Lightaining even has lighting kits for a popular movie franchise like the Star Wars and the Harry Potter. You will get extensive lights for the models like Death Star, Millennium Falcon, Whomping Willow, Hogwarts Main Hall etc. which can be reused for other structures accordingly.


Few Things to Consider While Buying a Lighting Kit

For any lego structure, the proper Lego lighting would be like icing on the cake. All the lighting kits are created for the respective models and hence, light kits from one structure might not look well enough on a structure you have created out of your mind. The lighting kits come with LED lights and wires which can be connected with USB Hub through AA batteries.

Whenever you have selected the lighting kit(s) make sure to test the functionality of the entire kit and then use it for the structures. Choosing the perfect lighting will be your choice and installing them will be way easier with the instruction books.   


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