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If you are someone whose day gets a boost with the steaming cup of coffee at your nearby cafeteria, the 10182 Café Corner will definitely be enchanting to you. Everyone loves the easy-breezy ambiance of the town cafeteria where people meet for casual chitchats over some healthy breakfast and coffee. Besides, if the café has an outdoor seating facility, it is an added bonanza for those who would never miss out any action happening outdoor.

But, why are we discussing so much about the café? Well, apart from being a frequent visitor to the nearby café if you have the same fascination towards building new structures from Lego bricks, then try your hands on creating a miniature version of the cafeteria. Absolutely, why not give your lego building skills a try by building one of the most common visited places in your locality? At the same time, you would not want to make it look dull during darkness. Hence, you can check out the lighting kit from Lightailing so that the lego structure looks dynamic even when it is dark.

Cafe corner

What Is So Special In Café Corner?

Just as the local café has a special place in your heart, the Café Corner of Lego to is a special edition to Lego creator edition. From the enlightened attic at top to the small windows of the hotel on the second floor, from the large windows on the first floor to the decent cafeteria on the ground floor –each segment of this Lego café has been created with perfection and it is entirely up to your choice and skill how you can customize each segment to make it look as beautiful as ever.

The large white lego piece with ‘Hotel’ inscribed on it. The maroon, brown, grey walls with contrasting yellow-white awning create a vibrant look. The base with a patterned floor and the main door surrounded by small tables, chairs, and umbrellas look beautiful when the yellow LEDs from the lighting kit are used properly. The main attraction, however, will be the three human figures built with Lego pieces; a visitor looking chilled out as she looks at the city life, the sweeper with his jovial demeanor and the immaculately dressed waitress.

Lego Cafe Corner

What Do You Need To Know About Lighting Kit?

As the Lego bricks offered with the package will not be enough for building the lego café corner, make sure to get the lego bricks separately according to your requirement. As for the lighting kit from Lightailing, you will get customized LED lights and LED wires which can be run with the AA batteries. Just get the AA Batteries separately and install them into the battery pack. Make sure to check out the instruction books where step by step guides are shown in a universal language. This will help you install the lighting kits without any thorough electrical knowledge and that too without any hassle.

The package from Lightailing has everything neatly tucked for your Lego cafeteria and as it features plug and plays facility, your complexities regarding the light installation would be alleviated.

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