lego london skyline light kit

Creating the miniature of your own house or the park around your locality is something any Lego enthusiast would try at the first place because firstly, these structures are easy to build and you are well aware of their architecture. However, when it comes to creating some of the architectural digests around the globe such as the London Bridge Lego, you tend to be a lot more careful and focused. These structures cannot be customized as you like and besides, the structures are complicated to assemble as perfection is the key. At the same time, you must have wished the structures looked as glorious as they look under the night sky, will all the illuminations. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore, as Lightailing has brought to you the customized lighting kit for the different man-made architectures.

Famous Structures That You Can Enhance With LED Lights

When it comes to your favorite architecture, the choices can vary from person to person. While some would go with the London Bridge, some might choose the Eiffel Tower. Besides, there are various other structures which being famous tourist spots might have enchanted you so much that you wish to recreate them with Lego bricks. Let’s check out a few of such lego structures which can be given a completely new look with the LED lights.

  • Eiffel Tower

The light shows of the Eiffel Tower can be recreated with the light kit for Eiffel Tower  ]which works efficiently with the long lego pieces that are attached one after another in a way each tier gets a separate light. 

Eiffel Tower

  • London Assembly Square

Perhaps one of the most vibrant lego structures will be the Assembly Square as this structure not only looks spectacularly detailed with small tables, flower pots, light posts etc but also with the installation of yellow, red and incandescent LED lights. 

 London Assembly Square

  • Arc De Triomphe

Just like the lego Eiffel Tower light, the lights in Arc De Triomphe to seem very subtle and sober. Although not many colored lights are used for this white lego bricked structure, the yellowish light underneath the gateway looks glorious.

Arc De Triomphe

  • Buckingham Palace London

An intricate lego structure, the Buckingham Palace looks nothing less grand than the original after you have all the pieces properly. From the light posts to the fountain, the entrance to the double-decker bus – everything looks spectacular with the extensive lights.

Buckingham Palace London

  • Trevi Fountain

The perfect use of yellow, blue and green LED lights from the lighting kit for the Lego Trevi Fountain will help you give your Lego architectural skill a new dimension. The fountain area looks magnificent with luminescent blue lights highlighting the fountain’s architecture. 

Trevi Fountain

  • London Tower Bridge

Undoubtedly, one of the most coveted structures that every Lego enthusiasts would love to build is the London Bridge which defines nostalgia and grandeur. You will love the blue lego bricks creating the stream of Thames and especially the minute strings of lego pieces creating giving the structure a perfect look. Get a London architecture Lego set for this structure and give it a night beauty with the yellow LED lights.

Lego Landon bridge

With the above-mentioned structures, you can also consider checking out the London Skyline light kits which are designed to illuminate all the famous London architectural digests in one set such as the Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, and London Eye.


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