lego brick bank

The brick bank is one of the leading models of Lego® modular buildings that are ruling the present market. Have you got it yet? Well, this is the high time you must grab the set for yourself. As a Lego fan, you will be able to enjoy the fullest while setting up the model. The brick bank 10251 from Lego®  has got some outstanding features that can amaze you prominently. Here are some designing and lighting features of the brick bank:

The Scene of brick bank

  The brick bank from Lego®  is enriched with many smaller components that complete the scene. The bank is the main building in the scene which is comprised of the manager’s office, laundromat, sidewalk, facade and the office of the secretary. These detailing makes the modular building enriched and you can have a good time to solve it.

Lego Brick Bank

Interior features of the Bank

Several interior features can be added on the bank. They are comprised of the large door with the semicircle, triangular tiles in the floor, atrium and skylight of oxidized color. The ornate chandelier is also present in the Lego® creator bank. You can also find the hidden alarm button of the counter. A well organized secret vault can also be made by you while you set up the brick bank Lego.

The accessories present in the secretary’s office are comprised of heavy details. It contains the clock, desk, typewriter etc. The Laundromat has 4 laundry machines and the other interior detailing too.  

The mini figures

There are 5 main mini figures attached in the model. They are the mother and child, the secretary, teller, and a bank manager. While the total interior is set up you can easily put these mini figures in the model.

Light kit for lego Brick bank

Lighting accessories

Detailing can be done by adding both interior and exterior lights in the 10251 Lego creator brick bank. In the exterior, you can attach the LED lights in the lamp post that helps to enhance the exterior outlooks of the brick bank.

You have the opportunity to add the door lamps. The door lamps are also made of LED and they illuminate the main gate of the brick bank. The secretary’s office also has interior and exterior lights that you can attach. In spite of all these, you can add a big light on the top of the brick bank. It acts as the main light which puts the light of the total model. Window light can also be added to the model easily.

The lighting accessories of the Lego brick bank are easy to attach and safe to use. Every Lego fan can use it irrespective of the age. Moreover, the power source for the lights is batteries and they work in the plugin the procedure. You will not need to use electricity to light up your brick bank Lego.

The advantage of adding LED light setup to your Lego model is amazing as it enhances the model in the dark. Customizable setup of lights of different bright colors is delivered by the leading companies.

If you buy the lights from any online provider expect to get the setup in affordable prices. Moreover, you can get the instruction book that will help you to easily attach the lights.   

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