lego pirates of caribbean

How many of you are crazy for Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise? Apart from being amused with the unconventional pirate themed backdrop, the scrupulous villains, Depp’s commendable comic timings and the funny actions, you would have surely marveled at the grand Black Pearl –Captain Sparrow’s ship which he holds dearer than anything in the world. Lightailing has made sure you are never out of this thrill with its light kit of lego ship in a bottle set.

What Is The Ship In Bottle And Why It Has Lights?

If you have seen all the movies from that franchise, you would have remembered the moment when Sparrow discovers his Black Pearl inside the glass bottle. Recreating the movie scenes from your favorite movie will be enjoyable for anyone. Keeping this quotient in mind, Lightailing has launched the lighting kit so that the already detailed structure built by you looks more fascinating and lively. All you need to do is to get ideas to ship lego from various universal lego instruction books or just customize according to your wish and then the lighting kits will be attached to keep it glowing at night.

Ship in the Bottle

What Makes The Structure So Unique?

The uniqueness of the ship, rather Black Pearl in bottle lies in the fact that unlike the glass bottle as shown on the movie, here, you will get to assemble the small lego bricks one after the another according to the instruction book to create the different parts of the bottle and then assemble the bigger parts together to give the shape of the lego ship in bottle.

But, before you assemble the bottle, it is mandatory that you attach the lego bricks properly for building the ship which will look just like the formidable Black Pearl. Once you have assembled all the pieces, the lighting kit will be used to highlight the details of the lego ship.

Lego ship in the bottle

What You Will Get In The Package?

When you buy the light kit for lego 21313 i.e. the ship or your favorite Black Pearl in a bottle, make sure to buy the lego bricks set according to the structure as the default lego bricks coming with the lighting kit will not be enough for the entire structure. For the structure, you will get LED lights and compatible wires for better customization along with the Battery pack for AA Batteries which you have to purchase separately according to requirement. All the universal instruction books coming with the original Lightailing package will be your best guide in the installation of lights.

Unlike the lego bricks assembly, the installation of the light kit will be a lot easier as you do not need any thorough electrical knowledge. All you have to do is to just plug the cords and switch on the lights. Abiding by the instruction books step by step is definitely necessary.

During your teenage, you would have definitely lauded the performance of Jack Sparrow and by the time you have crossed the threshold of adulthood, the franchise has become one of the most favorite movie series. So let’s create a lego Black Pearl and lighten it up with grandeur.

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