lego haunted house

The haunted house from Lego is one of the most thrilling models one can imagine. It consists of many features that help it to outstand as a real haunted house. Moreover, LED lights can help to enhance the model's outlook dramatically. It is one of the pre-designed Lego® designs that are enriched with some outstanding features. Some of the exciting features of the Lego® haunted house are given below. As a player, you can enjoy making it in your own way.

The mini-figures

In the haunted house model from Lego, there are 6 mini figures present. They are named as Mr. and Mrs. Vampyre, chef, zombie, butler and glowing ghosts. These mini figures actually help to enhance the outer environment of the haunted house thus making it realistic.

Hunted House

The design of the haunted house

The outer design of the hunted house is dilapidated as it should be. Components like a fireplace, gate, and porch are present. Lightings can be added on easily to the gates and porches to give it an enhanced outlook. A moveable fireplace is also present in the set which opens to the mantle. LED can be added on here also. The presence of the LED lights can help in providing a spooky look to the haunted house Lego set.

Hunted House

Interior design

The interiors of the haunted house from Lego is also outstanding. It contains a number of things like a kitchen and kitchen appliances. Records and gramophones are also attached to the model to deliver outstanding detailing. You can also get a chance to customize the haunted house to get a mesmerizing thrill out of it. It can increase the interest of you playing the game a lot as you start making it. The stickers like spider webs, wall hangings and curtains are also available.

The lights add perfection

Hunted House

The Lego set delivers you the opportunity to add LED lights. These lights can be attached in both interior and exterior parts of the haunted house. Always try to buy the best quality LED kit for your Lego models. The most vibrant LEDs can add perfection to your haunted house. Moreover, the installation technique is easy. Therefore it helps you to ensemble the lights fasters in your haunted house. These lights run by the battery so you can just plug them in and use with ease.

Another enhancement what you can expect is the perfect spook while you attach the Lego haunted mansion monster fighters. You can keep the characters. The LED lights have good longevity that helps them in providing an outstanding outlook to the model. 

The haunted house from Lego is one of the spookiest models which you can set up. The LED lights can be attached in the customizable colors comprising of blue, red and green. You can expect to get the LED lights in the most affordable costs.

So, these are some of the leading features of the hunted house from Lego. While the assembly, you can always choose to attach the LED lights to make it unique and interesting.   



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