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Since childhood, one of the most interesting and safest toys for kids are the Lego sets as they not only help in developing the brain but also keep the kids occupied with non-toxic playthings. As you grow up, the Lego kits get more complicated and more interesting. To create a whole new world of Lego for you as well as the kids in your house, Lightailing brings you the lighting sets for lego architecture which are not difficult to set up and look wicked as ever. All the lighting sets are custom designed to make you use your imagination skill the fullest and give the lego structures an action-packed look.

What Are Your Choices?

Before you answer this question, let’s remind you that Lightailing has an extensive range of lighting sets for various designs that you wish to make.

Bugatti car

If you are looking for affordable lego deals, the best bet would be to check out the techno selection where you will get lighting kits for different supercars. The premiere Bugatti Chiron light kit is the all-time popular product from Lightailing and you can check out also the light kits for Porche 911, Volkswagen T1 Camper Van and even the classy James Bond Aston Martin. These cars are easy to assemble and would not need extensive lighting sets. 

Carousel  set

The carousel set is going to be one of the best gifts for your kids as here they will get lego human pieces, animals and birds like flamingoes, elephants etc along with intricately designed carousel pieces. The lego set can be assembled in a way that the carousel keeps on revolving and the lighting kit will make sure you get the vibrant vibe of the fairground. 

Creating a new house or cafeteria with Lego models is something everyone will love and the charming lighting sets for the Parisian restaurant, Palace Cinema, Brick Bank, Expert detective’s office, fire brigade house, pet shop, café corner or haunted house will be the perfect options for you. 


star wars

From the Death Star to Super Star Destroyer, Millennium Falcon to Imperial Star Destroyer, R2-D2 to Kylo Ren Tie Fighter etc, the Star Wars collection will look nothing less fantastical than the movies when you add lights in them. These structures are complicated to build and so the lighting kits to are created with utmost intricacy.

Hogwarts Express

If you want Lightailing light brick for giving the magical world of Harry Potter more magical charm, check out the detailed lighting kits for the lego structures like Hogwarts Express, Hogwarts Castle, Hogwarts Whomping Willow, and the Great Hall. You can also buy more lights for the lego Disney Castle.


Celebrate your Christmas with the Lego Winter Toy Shop and Winter Village Market which look more cheerful with the lively lights from the Lightailing lighting kit.

Santa Xmas special lights

You are free to customize the lights according to what you build. Let your imagination fly with the lighting sets to make the structures look nothing less than a structure showed on sci-fi movies or television shows.

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