Impressive Lights For Mia's Tree House 41335

Join Mia, Daniel at Mia’s Tree House 41335 model and create various scenarios from the television show with Lego bricks. Add depth to the model by setting up light accessories and adding LEDs on the set –Lightailing and Briksmax are there to help.

Fans of the animated TV series Friends of Heartlake City and kids who are gaining interest in this lively show revolving around the five best friends would love Mia’s Tree House 41335. This Lego Friends set comprising of only 351 pieces is appropriate for kids aged between six and twelve while the light kit for this beginner set is appropriate for any 6+ years old. Kids often find tree houses enchanting and wish to live in one. Mia’s Tree House standing 6 inches tall with width and depth of 6 inches each, you can let them create their miniature tree houses and use their skill in customizing the set.

Special Features Of Mia’s Tree House 41335 Set

Make sure you finish assembling the Lego structure before opening the best Lego light kits, otherwise you will feel confused about where to put the lights or end up losing any small part and damaging any delicate light accessory.

  • There are Mini-dolls of Mia and her brother Daniel along with their bird Cinnamon and bunny Mimi. You can add other Mini-dolls from other Lego Friends sets to develop the storyline.
  • The Lego Friends Mia’s Treehouse comes with the scramble net and folding ladder, which form the connection between the ground and first floor while the zip line connects the second floor so that the Mini-dolls can take a ride to go down.

  • The accessories include the skateboard for Mia, water gun, book with ghost stories, board game, artwork tiles, sports equipment, torch, pizza, mug featuring ‘I Love Heartlake City’, Heartlake City Park map, love letter tile, boomerang, ball, carrot, egg and bird nest that can be lightened up with Lego night light
  • The attic features opening roof that reveals a storage box, tree truck with another storage box and the bunny house with height, width and depth of 1 inch each.

Know About Light Kit For Mia’s Tree House 41335

To avoid any damage, each accessory from the light kit for Lego Friends Mia’s Treehouse comes packed inside separate plastic bags wrapped with air-bubble sheets. Once you open the box, test each accessory properly and keep the after-sales 2-years warranty card safely.

  • You will get the user guide book that helps in future installation and the universal instruction manual that will make light kit installation easy with detailed and illustrated steps.

  • You can light up Lego Friends Treehouse  with the 30cm blue LED, a warm white light strip and the eight 15cm LEDs of warm white glow. Pass the connecting wires properly between the brick separator stubs so that they do not get damaged.
  • There is one 1X6 Lego Plate for customization. You have to get three batteries for the AA battery box, connect the 30cm USB cable to the hub and set up the two Adhesive Squares and the 12-port expansion board.

Let Mia or Daniel whizz down on the zip line or scramble on the net, pet the bunny in the bunny house and look after the bird nesting on the tree. Read ghost stories in torchlight or play a board game with pizza, inspect Daniel’s storage box from the attic or go for a spin around Heartlake city on skateboard –LED lights will make each experience wonderful.  



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