Lights Give The Vibrancy To The Lego City Set

From Donut Shop Opening to Rover Testing Drive, Mars Research Shuttle to Hospital –the Lego City models will give you different perspectives on a custom-built city. With the lighting kits, Lightailing and Briksmax are allowing the enthusiasts to lighten up their models.

 Endless creativity and variations are the main elements that make the Lego City models so popular among kids and adults, take, for example, the Burger Bar Fire Rescue or Arctic Supply Phone. While assembling the models require rapt attention, creativity and significant time, Lego enthusiasts often find their models underrated especially during the night.

Popular Lego City Models You Can Lighten Up  

Before adding lights, the Lego City sets  should be fully assembled to avoid losing or damaging any delicate accessories. There are after-sales cards with each light kit, keep that safe for two years.

Police Station 60141 

The 894-piece model can be lightened up with eight strips and two 15cm LEDs of warm white tone, ten 15cm and two 30cm white LEDs, two 15cm red LEDs and one 30cm and eleven 15cm white slow-flashing lights.  

Donut Shop Opening 60233 

Add light kit for Lego Donut Shop  to lighten up 790 pieces of the model with four 15cm and five 10cm LEDs, one large 15cm and one large 30cm LEDs of warm white glow, four 10cm and four 15cm red LEDs and two 30cm and four 15cm yellow LEDs. There are three 6-port and two 8-port expansion boards, four Lego pieces, two Adhesive Squares, and 30cm connecting wire.  

Burger Bar Fire Rescue 60214 

There are four slow-flashing 15cm blue LEDs, one white light strip and two white 15cm LEDs, one warm white 15cm LED, two 15cm red and three 15cm yellow LEDs for this 327-piece set.

Rover Testing Drive 60225 

With the light kit for Lego Rover Testing Drive, this 202-piece set can be highlighted. There are two 15cm red LEDs along with one 15cm and three 10cm warm white LEDs. An Adhesive Square, 30cm USB cable and CR2032 Oval battery box are also included.  

Mobile Command Center 60139 

The three warm white 15cm LEDs, two 30cm and four 15cm blue LEDs, one 30cm white, two 15cm yellow and two 30cm red LEDs along with one red and two blue slow-flashing 15cm lights will lighten up the 374-piece set.   

Hospital 60204 

Light kit for Lego City Hospital features two warm white and three white light strips, one 30cm red, two 15cm white and six 15cm blue slow-flashing LEDs, two white, eight warm white, two blue and two red 15cm LEDs for the 861-piece set. Also included are two 8-port and one 12-port expansion board, one 15cm, two 5cm and three 30cm wires one AA and one Oval CR2032 battery box, two Adhesive Squares and fourteen Lego bricks.  

Mars Research Shuttle 60226 

The 273 pieces of this set can be highlighted by a light kit for Lego Mars Research Shuttle  that includes slow-flashing 15cm and 30cm yellow LEDs, one 15cm and two 30cm red LEDs and two warm white 30cm LEDs. Other accessories include one Lego brick, one Adhesive Square, 30cm USB cable, Oval CR2032 battery pack, and an 8-port expansion board.

Lightailing understands that your Lego models need appreciation from onlookers regardless of whether it is day or night, the room is bright or dark. With the premium light kits designed for anyone above six and both layman and expert in electrics, you can easily install the lights.



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