Lego Technic 42151 Bugatti Bolide Review

LEGO has just come out with a brand-new Technic sports car for the new year. The Bugatti Bolide LEGO set looks great on first impressions with its sleek shape and bold colors. There is also the promise of realistic working parts that collectors will love. However, it also appears to be smaller than other cars and less detailed. So, is this LEGO Bugatti Bolide worth adding to your collection?

The LEGO Technic Bugatti Bolide Set Is A Stylish Racing Car

We have to start by looking at the design of this car before talking about any of the mechanics or finer details. There is a lot of appreciation from fans regarding the bold use of yellow and black bricks. The yellow is vibrant across the hood and upper body, with additional accents on the lights and lettering. This also means rare yellow rims to the wheels.

The authentic design is sure to appeal to keen car fanatics, especially with that low profile, aerodynamic shape, and the prominent spoiler at the back. There are additional details on the sides and interior with little stickers for the branding and interior dashboard.

Lego Technic 42151 Bugatti Bolide price

Technic Sets Let Builders Focus On Mechanics And Realism

As this is a Technic set, the complexities of the build go far beyond the bodywork and exterior design. There are also lots of moving and working parts to replicate the mechanics of the real sports car. The most important of these lies inside the car with the scale-model W16 engine and steering system. There are also working scissor doors to not only make the car look even cooler but to offer access to the interior.

Another feature of note for younger builders keen to try out this set is the compatibility with the LEGO Builder app. This app isn't going to do much for adults that like the screen-free hands-on building experience. However, there is an interactive aspect with rotating 3D models and the chance to save your progress.

This LEGO Bugatti Bolide Is Smaller Than Other Models

One thing to be aware of here before purchasing this set is the size. This car is smaller than some others in the range, and this can have its pros and cons. On the negative side, you don't have the same large-scale model where you can get inside the interior and appreciate the finer details. Some feel that the dashboard is the weakest element. There are also fewer bricks, with under 1000 to put together. This means there is less of a challenge to complete it and you don't get the same clever curves and attention to detail as other models.

On the plus side, a smaller set with this many bricks may be more appealing for younger builders. Technic sets and racing cars more generally often lean towards adult builders looking for a perfect scale model that fits in with their passion for motorsports. Here, kids and teens can get in on the action without getting overwhelmed by all the parts. It still won't be easy for them, but they should have a lot of fun figuring it all out.

Of course, a smaller number of bricks and decreased dimensions also make it easier to find a permanent home for this display model and lower costs. You're looking at an average cost of $49.99 for this 905-piece set and finished dimensions of 12 inches long, 5 wide, and 3 high.

Lego Technic 42151 Bugatti Bolide

Another Downside Here Is A Lack Of Extra Features For Creative Play

Another way that these realistic Technic models differ from other LEGO vehicles is the lack of additional features beyond the car itself. With other models, you often find that there are accessories that add more of a story to the build. This is common with sets linked to movies or professions, but even the LEGO Electric Sports Car set has a solar-powered charging point to play with. Here, there isn't anything to add extra interest for the 9+ target audience aimed at.

This also means that there aren't any minifigures included in the set. This is a shame for all those that want to create a more engaging display with this model. It wouldn't have taken much to have just one generic minifigure to sit in the front seat and "drive" the car. It would certainly help show off all those scaled-down driving mechanics in a new light.

Instead, the finished car has to stand alone as a static display. Builders can take it out for a spin and show off the components to visitors, but it will otherwise sit out on display with all the other cars. That is where an additional LEGO Bugatti Bolide light kit could prove to be a great idea.

Enhance Your New Bugatti Bolide LEGO Set With Our Light Kit

An LED light kit is a great way to highlight a prized set on display in a collection. Our LED lighting for LEGO sports cars is subtle but effective. You get just enough little LEDs to add realism to the set without going overboard. Turn the headlamps into functioning lights and add some warm lighting to the interior. This makes the model seem more like a real car while also providing great depth to the model through light and shadow.

Is The LEGO Bugatti Bolide Set Worth Getting?

There are pros and cons here depending on your previous experience with Technic and car-themed LEGO sets. Experienced adult builders may be disappointed with the smaller scale of this model and the way this inhibits greater attention to detail. It can look great on display with that bold two-tone design - and looks even better with some LED lighting. However, it isn't as grand as other sets.

With that said, this is still a highly recommendable kit for pre-teens looking to get into building model cars. The scale, working parts, and additional app all make this better suited to beginners and younger builders looking for a suitable challenge. Builders can learn a lot with this LEGO Bugatti Bolide and have a lot of fun.

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