Lego Icons Jazz Club 10312 Review

The 10312 Lego Jazz Club is finally here. Lego fans right across the world have been eagerly waiting for the launch of this set. Now that it is finally here, I thought that we would take a quick look at what it has to offer. Is it the right LEGO building set for you?

As you carry on reading our LEGO Jazz Club review, you will appreciate that this set has a lot to offer. You certainly get a lot of building bricks. This is not one of those LEGO building block sets you are going to finish in a day.

If you are a fan of LEGO, the Club Lego set you will instantly appreciate that this is bound to come a collector's piece. Is it worth buying? Let's take a closer look.

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Price of LEGO Jazz Club 10312

If I always like to consider the price before I buy a new LEGO set. It is important to know that you get value for money. In the UK, the set costs £199.99. If you are a resident of the United States, you can expect to pay US$229.99.

The set has also gone on sale in other places throughout the world. Australian LEGO fans can expect to pay AUS$349.99. LEGO is certainly a company that likes to charge for its products. But, it has to be said that this is a rather unique building block set even when it comes to LEGO.

Is the 10323 LEGO Jass Club available in Europe? Yes, it is. The Club LEGO set costs €229.99 in Europe. You can also buy it in Canada for CAD$299.99

What Do You Get in the Box?

The 10312 LEGO Jazz Club is delivered to you with everything you need. 

In the box you get, 2,899 pieces of LEGO. You also get 8 mini figures. I have to admit that I think the 8 mini figures are a bit "disjointed" if you know what I mean. Let me explain.

Lego jazz club minifigures

The set of eight mini figures you get consists of a jazz singer, bass guitarist, and drummer. Okay, that is great and I get that. On top of that, you also get a Pizza Chef, Pizza Delivery driver, club manager, and tailor plus a magician. As they would say during Jazz music glory years, the club manager fits in, but I am not sure what the Pizza Chef and delivery driver have got to do with jazz.

Yes, I know a PIzzeria comes with the set. But, it would still have been nice to have a few more jazz-inspired mini figures. Also, the tailor and magician seem a bit out of place. That being said, the mini figures are bright and cheerful.

The instructions on how to build the set are also included in the box.

First Impressions of LEGO Jazz Club

When you get everything out of the box, the first thing you will notice is how bright and cheerful the set is. you have lots of bright reds and yellows. The addition of stripes on the outside awning breaks up the color scheme which is nice.

Once you start adding the mini figures, you realize that this is a very vibrant set. The mini figures are full of movement and add fun to the set.

If you are looking for a set to brighten up your living room or display cabinet, I think that the 10312 Jazz Club is a good addition to your LEGO collection.

The dimensions of the Jazz Club are 30cm (11.5") in height and 26cm (10") wide. Placed along other LEGO sets such as the Police Station, it has to be said that it looks good. If you are looking for a theme for your LEGO creativity, the Jazz Club 10312 is a great set to buy.

Jazz Club Lego Price

The Assembly of the LEGO Jazz Club

As with all modular sets, you work floor by floor. I am not going to pretend this is an easy build. If you are new to LEGO, or just getting back into LEGO, this is perhaps not the set you want to take on as a first project.

Is it suitable for children to build on their own? If you have younger children who like LEGO, I have to say it is not suitable for them. I don't think they would have the patience to assemble the 10312 Jazz Club.

The Lego Jazz Club is suitable for adults and teens. Buying the Jazz Club Lego set as a school holiday project is not a bad idea. Putting the set together is going to take some time to assemble.

Lego Jazz Club

Is it fiddly? If you have larger than-average fingers and hands, you may find this set a bit hard going. It is best to take frequent breaks. Focusing on finishing one area at a time is the best idea to make sure that the kit goes together perfectly.

Once assembled, I have to admit that it does look good. This is a very cheerful set and it does look bright. As I mentioned, the only thing that lets it down is the mini figures.

Build Lego Jazz Club

It would have been nice to have had a few party goes and more jazz musicians. I think it would have added to the charm of the Jazz Club.


I do like to shine a light on things. As there are no lights or LED bricks with the set, I decided to buy my own. Okay, I admit that I think LED lights make a real difference to any LEGO kit.

When a LEGO kit does not come with lights, it's a good idea to light up the set with Lightailing. An LED light kit from Lightailing can turn any LEGO or other block build set into a stand-out piece.

One thing that I love about the 10312 Jazz Club from LEGO is the addition of the greenhouse on the roof. That is such a cool idea. My final verdict is that this is a great LEGO set offering value for money.

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