Lego Exclusive Limited Edition Batmobile 40433 Set

The Lego 1989 Batmobile Limited Edition 40433 with over 350 pieces can be a great collectible set for those who are looking for a small-sized or additional set with the old 1989 Batmobile. With Briksmax lighting kit containing 12 bright handmade LEDs and light accessories, the set will never be in the dark when the surrounding gets dark.

The promotional mini set of 1989 Batmobile Limited Edition 40433 from the Lego DC Super Heroes series with only 366 pieces was available at free of cost with the 1989 Batmobile 76139 set last year. Compatible with the larger structure and its Minifigures namely Batman, Vicki Vale, and the Joker, this kid-friendly set is suitable for any 7+ years old kid and now being sold individually. This collector set with the information placard and rotating stand resembling the 3306-piece set has the trademark black color scheme with dark grey colored barrels used as intakes on its sides. What makes the Briksmax lighting kit so accessible is that both electrical experts and laymen can install the lights and accessories.

Special Features Of 1989 Batmobile Limited Edition 40433 Set

The Lego LED light kit  box contains separately packed lighting accessories with sufficient air-bubble protection so that there can be no handling damage. Before opening the packets, make sure the structure is complete, the brick separators kept in place for smooth insertion of wires, and the required batteries purchased.

There are detailed bracket elements around its wheel wells so that there is no stud on top or side panels. The simple geared mechanism can be used for spinning the flame of a jet engine with the turning of the rear wheels.

The Lego light kit will highlight the curved slopes inspired by the sleek one by Tim Burton along with the placard and an effective yet simple turntable stand.

Detailed bullet nose, the rear red and green flare element, the taillights, and quad exhaust pipes look distinctive. The hinged canopy gives access to the tan interior.       

Highlighting 1989 Batmobile Limited Edition 40433 With Light Kit

The light kit for Batmobile 40433  is age-appropriate for any 6+ years old Lego builder and you can install it without having any electrical knowledge. Before you install them, test whether they function well and make sure all the accessories are in perfect condition.

While the universal instruction manual helps with detailed steps and illustrations step by step, the user guide book helps in the further stages of light set up. 

The light kit for Lego contains two random colored Lego pieces that you can use in the model as you wish. Set up the Adhesive Square and two 8-port expansion boards.

Get three AA batteries for the battery holder and connect the 30cm power cable to the USB hub that is connected to the main power.

The brick separators will help you pass the connecting cable measuring 5cm between the stubs without force. The Lego lights  include one 10cm and four 15cm warm white toned LEDs, two 10cm green LEDs, and four 15cm red LEDs.

The main power should always be below 5V to avoid electric burns. The after-sale card offers a manufacturer warranty of two years. In case of missing or defective accessories, there is a return and replacement police valid for a week from the delivery date.

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