Lego Overwatch: The Ultimate Watchpoint Gibraltar 75975

Overwatch fans can create the Lego version of the famous rocket and launch tower with the Watchpoint Gibraltar 75975 set made up of 700+ Lego pieces. With 23 premium LEDs and handmade accessories from Briksmax, the set will always be the center of attention even when the surrounding is dark.

Designed with a futuristic earth look, the internationally acclaimed vibrant team-based 6v6 battles of Overwatch are always exciting to any video gamer. Lego Overwatch series lets you incorporate your gamer skill into Lego building and the Watchpoint Gibraltar 75975 set with 730 Lego pieces can be a great option for any 9+ years old enthusiast. Be it role-playing as the heroes with special weapons or launching the rocket, there are numerous play opportunities with this collectible Lego set. Placed by the gaming rigs, the structure will be a perfect combination with the Tracer & Widowmaker 75970 set, and with the high-quality light kit from Briksmax, you will get the gaming ambiance instead of overshadowing the set.

Specialties Of Watchpoint Gibraltar 75975 Set

The Lego LED light kit  does not contain batteries and therefore, you have to arrange the required number of AA batteries and keep the brick separators ready so that the wires do not get damaged. After the blockbuster World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch has built online animated series, e-sports events, comics, and passionate followers across the globe.

Inspired by the characters from the game, there are three Minifigures of Mercy, Reaper, and Pharah along with Winston Big. Weapons include Caduceus Blaster and Caduceus Staff for Mercy, twin Hellfire Shotguns for Reaper, Rocket Launcher for Pharah, and Tesla Cannon for Winston.

Lights for Lego will highlight the 1 inch tall, seven inches wide and fourteen inches long rocket that splits into two separate rockets with respective cockpits. The smaller one comes with a large truck where Winston can enter and contains peanut butter jar and bananas.

The Launchpad stands fourteen inches tall, eight inches deep, and eight inches deep. It holds the rocket vertically as shown in the Gibraltar map of Watchpoint.

Highlighting Watchpoint Gibraltar 75975 With Light Kit

The light kit for Watchpoint Gibraltar 75975  is suitable for anyone aged above six years and comes with a manufacturer warranty of two years. It comes in a hardy box where each accessory is packed separately in plastic packets and kept safe from damage with bubble wraps.

For any kind of installation assistance, follow the illustrated steps in the universal instruction manual. Keep the after-sale card safely and the user guides for further assistance.

Eight random colored Lego pieces are there for customization with the Lego set. Adhere to the steps to set up the two Adhesive Squares, one 6-port and two 12-port expansion boards, the AA battery holder, and the USB hub with the 30cm USB power cord.

Light up Lego  with two 10cm and six 30cm LEDs and two light strips of warm white tone, one 30cm and three 15cm blue LEDs, two 30cm green LEDs and slow flashing lights namely one 15cm green, two 30cm red and four 15cm blue lights. 

Two 15cm and two 30cm connecting cables are to be passed between the stubs comfortably so that they remain hidden.

Finish assembling the Lego structure and start unpacking the light kit box so that no delicate piece gets lost or damaged. Test each accessory, check functionality, make sure all accessories are given and are in proper shape and if there is any issue, get a replacement by returning it within a week.  

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