The 20th Anniversary Edition Of The Iconic Slave I 75243 Starship

With eleven handmade high-quality lights and accessories from Briksmax and Lightailing, you can highlight the Slave I 20th Anniversary Edition 75243 set made up of over 1000 Lego pieces. There is no need to have electrical knowledge to install the lights to highlight the authentic details.

Any Star Wars nerd will be familiar with the classic starship Slave I of Boba Fett and the Slave I 75243 set as the 20th Anniversary Edition from the Lego Star Wars series will be a great addition. Comprising of 1007 Lego pieces, this model is suitable for any 10+ years old Lego building enthusiast. Being the celebratory reinterpretation of the ship from the Star Wars universe, the set can be a special collector’s item with its black buildable display stand for the five Minifigures from the movies with Lego Star Wars 20th Anniversary logo. The galactic battles get a boost-up when you add the lights and install the accessories from the Briksmax or Lightailing light kit.   

Trivia Of Slave I 20th Anniversary Edition 75243 Set

The lights for Lego Star Wars set  will brighten up the set that has a height of five inches, a width of twelve inches, and length of eleven inches. Make sure you are done assembling the set before adding lights otherwise the small parts can get mixed, tampered, or lost.

Among the most detailed structure to date, the starship comes with four Star Wars Minifigures of Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Zuckuss with 4-LOM figure. The 20thAnniversary special Minifigure of Princess Leia is from the original 2000’s Star Wars version.

In April last year, Zuckuss got its molded head and the 3x3 left or right-angled stone elements. There are four blasters for the four Minifigures and one blaster pistols each for Princess Leia and Han Solo.

The Lego light kit  will highlight the self-leveling seat of detachable cockpit canopy, space for one Minifigure, side wings, rotating guns, two spring-loaded separate trigger-firing shooters, and the carrying handle for easy transportation.   

There is a closing hatch on the rear side of the starship where Han Solo can be stored in the Carbonite chamber.

Highlighting Slave I 20th Anniversary Edition 75243 With Light Kit

Anyone above the age of six years can install the light kit for Slave I 75243 once the brick separators are arranged properly for smooth insertion of Lego cables. Test each accessory on opening the box to make sure all the parts are there and are working properly.

Nine random-colored Lego pieces are for customization with the model. No matter whether you have the electrical skills or not, the illustrated universal instruction book will help you in light installation. As for the user guide, it is helpful in the further steps while the after-sale card bears a guarantee of two years.

Light up Legos  with one 15cm LED and two strip lights of warm white tone, four 15cm white LEDs and four 15cm red LEDs. Pass one 5cm, one 15cm and two 30cm connecting cables between stubs to keep them hidden.

Set up the multifunction board, 6-port and 8-port expansion boards and Adhesive Square. Get three AA batteries for the battery pack and connect the 30cm cable with the USB hub.

If you find any defect in the light accessories within a week from the delivery date or there is any missing piece, return it and a replacement will be made to you. Plug in to main power that is below 5V and watch the structure glow in dark.

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