LEGO Express Passenger Train 60337 Review

Whenever anything LEGO City related drops, the internet gets inundated with reviews and videos exploring the latest set. Especially so when it's a train. So when the LEGO 60337 City Express Passenger Train dropped this month (in the UK only, we'll have to wait to get our hands on it here in the USA - but we'll explain all that below), the internet went wild.

But now that things are settling down, we want to talk about it ourselves in this, our LEGO 60337 review. You can expect all the usual details from us, including our opinion on whether you should buy this set or not. Ready to find out more? Then join us below!

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Set Details

Let's kick off today's LEGO 60337 review with some bad news so we can get that out of the way first... You're not going to be able to get your hands on this set in the USA or Canada until August 1st, 2022. For our readers in the UK and Australia, though, it's good news, because this set has been available since June 1st, 2022, so you can grab it right now and enjoy it whilst we wait patiently...

And patiently we'll wait, because it gives us time to ready ourselves for the brand new LEGO City Express Passenger Train, made up of 764 pieces, with the usual power up remote control system (which can be replaced with an app, if you prefer) and this time, the train even has lights included (and here at Lightailing, we're always excited by that).

At first glance, this sounds like an exciting set that's going to be perfect for bringing our LEGO Cities to life. But is everything as it seems?


We're happy to report that, for us, the LEGO City Express Passenger Train price isn't taking away from our first impressions. Yes, $180 is a lot of money, and that's what it will cost you when it releases, but when you factor in all the electronics of the motor and remote control system (not to mention the lights that come as standard) then you start to realize that the price is actually pretty reasonable.

For what you get and the atmosphere a train like this can add to a LEGO City, we'd actually say the price is fair. So far, so good...

Is Lego Express Passenger Train 60337 worth buying

Building Experience

And for the most part, the building experience is a good one too. It's a nice build, and the 7 bags don't feel overwhelming at all - especially considering there's a lot to build. You've got:

  • the station
  • the engine cart
  • 2 passenger carts
  • and the track

But despite all the elements of the build, LEGO, as always, breaks it down into manageable chunks. Rather helpfully, this set comes with 4 books, and each book has bag numbers on the front to tell you what you'll need to build the next part.

So you'll start with the first book to build the track and station, using the bags on the front of the book, and then you'll move on to book two for the engine cart and setting up the remote control system, before finishing on books three and four which deal with the two separate passenger carts.

It's straightforward, easy to follow, and can be built by multiple people at once if you desire, so it's a great build to do with friends or family - but by yourself would be just as fun!

LEGO Express Passenger Train 60337 light kit Review

One thing we're desperate to point out is that the front of the train is all brick built, and that's amazing because most LEGO City Train fans complained when the previous LEGO City Bullet Train was released, since the front was just one pre-built piece. Being able to form the structure at the front of the train this time feels much more rewarding, and we're glad LEGO listened to the complaints.

The only drawback to the build is that things can get a little repetitive after a while. By the time you start on your final book, you've already completed the engine cart, and one passenger cart, and as you're putting the final passenger cart together, it can feel a little like Déjà vu. Still, it's all packed full of details and you can forgive the repetitive build style when you see the finished result. Why? Because. It. Is. Stunning.


Usually, the train is the star of any LEGO City Train set, but since this is the LEGO 60337 City Express Passenger Train, the passengers are the stars too. And, thankfully, LEGO doesn't disappoint.

LEGO Express Passenger Train 60337 minifigures

Altogether there are 4 passengers and 2 crew minifigures. We love all of them, but we will get one minor criticism out of the way first. The minifigure of the lady who runs the buffet cart (yes, there's a buffet cart) has two printed faces.

Usually we love that, but these two are so similar that it makes us wonder why LEGO bothered. Especially when some of the others don't have two printed faces, and we could see how changing their expressions would have been more valuable in terms of the stories you could tell.

Despite that one small gripe, though, we love all of the minifigures on offer here, including the accessories. There's a laptop with keyboard details, a printed cellphone piece that looks stunning, and even a bicycle with saddle bags (and there's even a place to store said bicycle when they board the train). LEGO really doesn't miss a beat here, and every one of the figures looks great.

It's also important that we point out that LEGO have included, once again, a wheelchair user in the set, and this sort of representation is so important in toys. Yes, LEGO has done it before, and no, it shouldn't have to be groundbreaking, but we appreciate that LEGO didn't see this as a box to be ticked. They're at their best when they include different minifigures in their sets in an intelligent way, and they've achieved that here.

There's a spot on the train to secure the wheelchair in place, and a disabled access ramp on the station platform. They're minor details, for sure, but details that are so important to show, and we're glad LEGO have done so (and continues to do so). It's good to see.

All in all, the minifigures here are detailed, thoughtful, and perfect for both play and display. What more could you want?

Lego Express Passenger Train 6 minifigures

The Goods

As ever, before we give our final verdict, we'll run through the goods and the bads in bullet points to help tie everything together. Let's start with the goods:

  • Lights are included - And around here, that's all that needs to be said.
  • Plenty of track - With 16 curves and 8 straight pieces, this is actually a perfect set to use as a starter if you've never bought a LEGO City Train set in the past. Even if you have, you'll know how valuable the extra track pieces are for expanding your City, so it's nice to see here.
  • Stunning finished set - The lime green colors and the sharp angles of the train won't be to everybody's taste, but we love it. It makes for an aerodynamic looking high-speed express passenger train, which is exactly what it is. Better yet, despite the angles and large nose over the front wheels, this train can move around any LEGO City with ease and without the risk of knocking over nearby buildings, people, or decorations.
  • Accessible interior - For both play and display, it's important to be able to get inside the train easily to move the figures around, and you can here. The double doors make it much easier too, but the top of the train can be popped off and popped back on in a matter of seconds.
  • Representation - Any set that includes minifigures that represent others is a huge plus in our book, and it's one of the reasons we're so excited for kids and adults alike to get their hands on this set.

The Bads

Of course, there are points where LEGO could have done things better, and here they are:

  • Train station - The station itself is incredibly basic-looking, which would be forgivable, except it doesn't really function as it should. Yes, we love the disabled access ramp, but the station is designed to fit so far away from the track that it makes it feel totally unrealistic. We're all for using common sense and 'minding the gap' between the train and the platform edge, but when that gap is a chasm, it looks a little silly. This is especially noteworthy when LEGO has included a wheelchair user minifigure in the set, because then the gap stops looking silly, and starts looking like somebody didn't think the station design through as well as they should have. Moving forward, we can only hope that LEGO doesn't miss the boat as badly as they did with this one.
  • New wheels - With the LEGO 60337 City Express Passenger Train comes new wheels, but rather than being a step forward, they feel like a step back compared to previous versions. Rather than a rod, these simply click together, and they feel much less durable as a result. Maybe we'll be proven wrong with more play tests, but for now, it definitely feels like a step in the wrong direction.

The Verdict

There was no way we were ever going to not love this set. There are lights, working motors, moving trains, and brilliant style on offer here, not to mention great representation, a fun finished set, and plenty of play and display features, too.

For $180, you get SO MUCH with this set. Are there areas LEGO could improve? Sure, but this feels like a brilliant well-rounded set anybody will enjoy, and we can't wait for you all to get your hands on it on August 1st, 2022.

review lego Express Passenger Train

Lights, Lights, And More Lights...

Yes, we love the lights included in this set, of course we do. But as a LEGO lighting business, we couldn't help but feel LEGO could have improved the lights in certain parts to make the train stand out just that little bit more.

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add led lights to the Lego city

Well, LEGO's oversight is our gain here at Lightailing, because we have everything you need right here to make a LEGO lighting kit for LEGO 60337. Or you can head to our accessories page today, and get started on your very own kit. We have faith you'll be able to do it better than LEGO can, and you should too...

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