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If your kids spend more time on mobile devices than doing something creative or productive, the Lego building sessions might be one of the best activities for them. What is even better, the DIY LED lights for Lego sets increase curiosity among the young minds as they watch the otherwise dull models come alive.

The Lego games can help them utilize their skills in mind-boggling audio-visual interface where they learn about electronics, technology, engineering, architecture and more. The Lego Movie 2 is one of the most popular animated movies for kids and its game lets kids learn about moviemaking with the Lego Movie 2 Movie Maker app and with their favorite characters like Wyldstyle and Emmet, they learn how to role-play.

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For example, there is Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin based on the storyline where Ronin uses dark samurai army to steal memories of ninjas with Obsidian Glaive before the ninjas regain their powers. The game can encourage kids about learning martial arts and self defense techniques with features Ice Temple, Chen;s Island and Toxic Bogs from Masters of Spinjitzu series with villains like Nindroids and Serpentine, vehicles like mechs, jets and bikes and the Spinjitzu Power to unleash multi-elemental Tornedo of Creation. From Lego Super Mario to Friends, Star Wars to Dots, Marvel Super Heroes to Elves, Hidden Side to Speed Champions and Boost, there is something for every kid out there. Here are the best three games –

Lego DC Super Heroes Batman Beyond Gotham Game

If you are a diehard DC fan and your kid believes in the united power of the Justice League to make the world a better place, this Lego game for kids from the Lego DC series can be a perfect option to teach them about humanity and duty to and of mankind. As the bestseller videogame franchise, this Super Heroes game will let the kids step in the virtual shoes of their favorite role-models like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash.

If the kids have watched the animated shows and movies or read the comics, they will relate to the unique storyline featuring the vigilante coated crusader and his space journey to defeat the villain Brainiac and save the Earth from destruction.

After Brainiac uses the power from Lantern Rings to shrink world into miniature cities and add to his twisted collection of cities across the universe, the DC superheroes and supervillains like the Joker join hands and explore various Lantern Worlds for collecting the rings and stopping Brainiac before the apocalypse.   

  • This game from TT Games and WB Games in association with DC comes with unique plots and new twists to ensure a fast-paced gaming experience through 45 dynamic and adventurous missions, thereby teaching resilience to the kids.
  • Kids will love to listen to the narration of the stellar cast including Troy Baker as Batman, Laura Bailey as Catwoman and Wonder Woman, Scott Porter as Aquaman, Travis Willingham as Superman, Josh Keaton as Green Lantern, Dee Bradley Baker as Brainiac and Christopher Cory Smith as Joker –all of them have reprised their voiceovers in this videogame franchise.
  • Let kids explore the iconic locations like Batcave, Justice League Watchtower and Hall of Justice to access trophy rooms and shops. Different franchises like Batman Beyond, Green Arrow, Dark Knight, Batman the Classic TV Series etc offer exclusive character bundles all year to encourage kids to completing levels.
  • Kids can take part in the space combat scenario like Lantern World Battle with Odym and Zamaron and the Battle with Batman and the allies in the outer space. They learn how to unlock over a hundred characters like Justice League members, Bane and Doomsday along with their abilities and powers.    

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Lego Technic Control+ Game

 Among the cool Lego games for nerdy kids who are always looking for something to learn about automobile, engineering, physics and technology, nothing can be as effective as the Technic Control+ game. Licensed by some of the renowned brands like Volvo Trademark Holding AB, BBC Studios and Liebherr International AG, the game brings you an array of racing, heavy-duty and action-mode vehicles to drive and control virtually, customize those according to your choice and learn about the design and functionality of the features.

New electronic components are there to control the vehicles while the mobile-friendly free Control+ app gives you an idea of how vehicles perform in real world. Apart from the realistic multifunctional operations, the app also teaches kids about automation, alternate ways of controlling the vehicles and authentic sound control technology.

  • Real-time data feedback is gained from each model as each Technic Control+ unit has unique experiences to unfold.
  • While multifunctional control shows how to operate and drive vehicles in realistic razor-sharp details, the One-Touch screen offers an alternate scheme to control, thereby offering kids a virtual realistic car building and driving opportunity.
  • Kids will get to utilize their skills safely in virtual vehicle-handling until they come of legal driving age. Their senses are evoked as there are challenges to complete, reward badges to unlock and imaginations to spark with the inspirational videos from Achievements and Challenge modes.
  • Kids can see the blueprints for vehicles like Liebherr R9800 Excavator, RC Buggy, Rally Car etc know about unique features like pressing buttons to turn on control hub of the cars, check custom-built movements like Gyro-Control and complete new achievements.     

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Lego City Explorers Game

If your kids have enjoyed highlighting the Lego City models with Lego lighting kit and wondered whether there was a way to see those models in action in the Lego City, this game will be the best option. The Lego City Explorers is a treat to the kids to explore the space mysteries, learn about space traveling and gain more interest in astronomy and astronautics. Just like real astronauts, they can launch their digital rockets while being in charge of the Mission Control.

The free app compatible for mobile phones and tablets without any unnecessary third-party advertising makes way for creative learning of the kids aged five years and above. The app interface with various rocket building parts is inspired from NASA’s space operations and there are various short videos for the kids to learn about rocket launch, Mars helicopter etc.

  • Kids can learn how to create models while getting an idea about which parts go where.
  • Mission Control Board lets kids use the rocket models to explore outer space missions and then take picture of those models.
  • The Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control 60228 can be combined for a detailed approach and kids will get digital Lego building instructions to make each model.
  • Inspiring videos of NASA astronauts inside rockets, space vehicles or doing works at the launch center will be educational to kids.  
  • The Instructions Plus app lets young ones easily zoom in or out, rotate digital models and use ghost mode to view their models. 

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Lighting Kits For Making The Gaming Experience Better

The best light kits for Lego models from Lightailing and Briksmax are designed for kids above six years old and the instructions with illustrations help in easy installation of the lights.

Before checking the models in videogame platform, the Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control 60228 light kit can prepare the kids for the Lego City Explorers game. Similarly, Liebherr R 9800 Excavator 42100 kit, 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally and 2018 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy 75894 kit and 6X6 Volvo Articulated Hauler 42114 kit can be great options for the Lego Technic Control+ game. Check out light kits for Batman Car 76112, Pursuit of The Joker 76119 and Riddle Racer 70903 for DC Super Heroes Batman Beyond Gotham game.   

Apart from these, there is also Batman: DC Super Heroes game in touchscreen and classic control styles featuring Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Superman against Joker and Lex Luthor at the Gotham city with new gadgets, suits, over 80 customizable characters and abilities like flight, Heat Vision and Freeze-Breath. Equally enjoyable will be Lego Hidden Side game that will enhance concentrating and reflex power among kids as they combine real and virtual world, enjoy VR experience, enter a new dimension and use the phone as ghost detector.


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