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From the Central Airport 60261 of the Lego City series to the Thanos Mech 76141 of the Lego Marvel series, there are a number of sets that girls will find interesting to build.

Every child who has spent the toddler years utilizing Lego building skills through different kid-friendly models will long to build more interesting sets as they grow up. What is more, girls will now get to add LED lights to Lego models once they have assembled each model and even combine different models for a creative look.

Now let's check the 7 cool Lego sets for girls and choose one of them as a gift.

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Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 75969

With 971 Lego pieces, this model for 9+ years old kids can be perfect for new Pottermores who have read or are reading the Harry Potter books, especially Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and watch the movies. There are Minifigures of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Lavender Brown, Luna Lovegood, Horace Slughorn, Neville Longbottom and the Hedwig figure.

The accessories include potions book, letters, mandrake plants and wands. The set features various locations based on the series such as the Ravenclaw dormitory, the Astronomy class at the tallest Hogwarts tower, greenhouse, potion’s classroom etc.

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Mars Research Shuttle 60226

One of the best Lego kits for girls aspiring to be astronauts or pursue career in astronautics and astronomy, this 273-piece model from the Lego City series is suitable for anyone above five years With Lego Life app offering Instructions Plus to help in assembling, using ghost mode for visualization and zooming in or out, girls will enjoy the building process. There are two Astronaut Minifigures along with accessories like helmet having blue visor, two geodes and blue crystals, scanner and Extra Vehicular Activity suit featuring golden visor.

Inspired from NASA, this set features the shuttle having two large opening cargo doors, opening cockpit, space for drones, Mars rover featuring articulated grappling arm, tilting and laser solar panels, spinning rotor blades on helidrone and secret symbol creating Mars landscape through a scanner. You can combine the model with 231-piece Lego Ideas Women of NASA 21312 for 10+ years old featuring Minifigures of Margaret Hamilton, Mae Jemison, Sally Ride and Nancy Roman with their respective builds.

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Donut Shop Opening 60233

With 790 pieces and Instruction Plus, this Lego City model is among the cool Lego sets for girls above six. There are ten Minifigures including the crook, officer Duke DeTain, two baristas, reporter, cameraperson, a child, taxi driver and the toy shop owner. The accessories include five donuts, five muffins, five coffee cups, money bill, four cookies, toy train, skateboard, toy guitar, teddy bear, whirly hat, camera, fishing net, crowbar and microphone.

Girls will love to press the trigger atop the shop roof to see the giant donut roll away and then lift it by turning a knob of the crane and extending boom arm to pull the donut out. There is donut shop featuring coffee machine, ATM and toy shop having shelves full of toys and balloons. Also included are police motorbike, taxi, news van featuring production equipment, satellite dish etc and cargo bike.

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Heartlake City Amusement Pier 41375

Among the best Lego sets for girls who watch the animated show Friends of Heartlake City, this 1251-piece set with light brick, spinning wheel to win prizes and height measurement bar will ensure immersive building experience. Age-appropriate for any 8+ years old, this set will help your girls learn about social situations from the backdrop of the fair and enjoy the spooky details from the skeleton crew and ghost ship.   

With Mini-dolls of Emma, Oliviam Zack, Chloe and Stephanie, bird and dolphin figures, you will get snack stall, ticket kiosk, carousel and the ghost ship with boat-shaped car, entrance barrier and roller coaster ride through spooky scenes along with accessories like ship wheel, foil curtains, treasure chest, swords, sea creatures etc. The amusement park has ice cream, popcorn, money, waffle, teddy bear etc.  

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Pirate Ship 31109

While looking for large Lego sets for girls, check out this 1264-piece model from Creator 3-in-1 series. Appropriate for 9+ years old enthusiasts, the set can be rebuilt into Skull Island and Pirates’ Inn with three Minifigures and buildable parrot and shark. There is instruction to help in assembling the pieces and each set can be customized or combined with other models. From treasure chests to ship wheels, colorful mermaid decoration to white mast, skull logo on the flag to captain’s cabin –there are lots to explore.

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Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation 41168

Among the Disney-inspired Lego building sets for girls who adore Elsa and Anna from the Frozen franchise, Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation with 300 Lego pieces can be perfect option. Any girl above six years old will love to assemble the set from the Frozen II series with the Mini-doll of Elsa and the Nokk figure. Inspired from the ice castle and its snowflake decoration, the detailed jewelry box has two Lego rings that girls will love to wear and even store their trinkets inside the drawer with locking mechanism. There is a mirror inside the box to check out the jewelry and the spinning feature for the Mini-dolls to spin around.

You can assemble the set with the 201-piece Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace 43172 model suitable for 6+ years old girls. The Ice Palace with accessories like sheet music, glasses, carrot, teapot, mirror, chocolate and cake features Anna, Elsa, Marshmallow and Olaf figures with four snowgies. The two-storied palace equipped with revolving staircase, sliding bridge, kitchen, seesaw and three-carriage sleigh and outdoor playground looks great with the jewelry box set. 

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Townhouse Pet Shop & Café 31097

With 969 pieces including three Minifigures and Instruction Plus, this Creator 3-in-1 model is one of the best Lego sets for teens while being age-appropriate for 9+ years old enthusiasts. Featuring vibrant façade, ornate detailing, café signage, huge windows, ATM, outdoor area, sidewalk, fire hydrant and traffic lights, the Townhouse Pet Shop & Café can be rebuilt into Market Street and tram or the multi-storied Bank. The modular building has café at the ground level featuring outdoor seating and detailed interior, rooftop terrace, upper-level balcony and kitchen.

There is buildable hot dog cart having large signage, hot dog and condiment bottle while the three-leveled pet shop has aquarium, buildable dog, mouse and toucan, middle-level apartment with accessories and top-level bedroom with roof terrace and solar panel.

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Lighting Kits To Brighten Up The Structures

 The plug-and-play Lego lighting kits from Briksmax and Lightailing for your 6+ years old girls will help them to lighten up the Lego sets especially at night easily by following the illustrated instructions.

To get in the shoes of Hermione, Luna or Lavender, Lego enthusiast girls will love to make use of the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower lighting kit.

Future astronauts or astrophysicist aspirants will find the light kits for Mars Research Shuttle 60226 and Women of NASA 21312 excellent options for a proper insight into how NASA works.

The light kit for Townhouse Pet Shop & Café 31097 and the Donut Shop Opening 60233 will also work for their respective 3-in-1 models as you rebuild them.

No girl will be immune to the magical ambience that the lights for Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation 41168 and Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace 43172 can create.

Besides, Lego Friends fans can always combine the light kits of Pirate Ship 31109 and Heartlake City Amusement Pier 41375 for an extensive look.  

If you are wondering which sets might be best for your girl child, there are plenty of choices from different categories of the Lego world, namely Disney, Marvel, Friends, City, Creator, Ideas, Harry Potter and so on.

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