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For any Lego enthusiast, an ongoing challenge and excitement remain in finding more creative sets that require more skill in Lego building. That being said, if you would want the best Lego sets for kids since their infancy to grow their interest in the Lego world, it is important to make sure that you get only the age-appropriate sets. Kids learn and gradually gain expertise to build models comprising more pieces, which helps them to assemble even the expert-level sets in their teen years or adulthood because the love for Lego building hardly wanes. Each model is created after thorough research procedures for specific age-groups starting from 1+ year.

As the best gift for kids during their formative years, Lego sets will help them use their time in productive works and enhance their concentration levels. Whether it is a figure of their favorite supervillain, superhero or any character from their preferred show, or a city skyline model like that of London, Paris and San Francisco –there is no dearth of ideas regarding the Lego models. You can even let the kids recreate some moments from a movie or book they are familiar with or create something out of their mind.

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The Best Lego Sets For Different Ages of Kids

 As a matter of fact, you should not get your kid a model that is suitable for older kids, for example the Monkey King Warrior Mech 80012 set is not a suitable Lego for 7 year old boy as it is age-appropriate for 10+ years old kids. However, any older kid can easily check out models created for younger kids if they want something from beginner level.

Best Lego For Toddlers

To develop motor skills, reflexes and foster imaginative powers, you need the sets that are for 1.5+ years for enhancing creativity among little ones. There are several models like Fire Truck 10901 and Police Station 10902 to familiarize kids about social workers, Animal Train 10955 and Alphabet Truck 10915 for knowing about animals and alphabets and Super Heroes Lab 10921 and Elsa and Olaf’s Tea Party 10920 for entertaining them with pop culture references.

As you do not need big Legos for toddlers, the best option will be the Mickey & Minnie Birthday Train 10941 set consisting of 22 pieces that is suitable for anyone above two years old. This set from Lego Duplo and Disney series offers developmental activities with introduction to numbers and creative construction as they get to assemble a 3-section train, decorate wagons and stack five number bricks. There are Minifigures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse with Pluto and the buildable cake with accessories like candle so that toddlers develop social skills while role-playing and even get excited about their birthdays!

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Best Lego Set For 4 Years Old Kid

It is time to get into the elementary school and new challenges await the kids, so why not foster their creative skills and offer them detailed yet easy-to assemble sets that prepare them for the challenges? Among the Lego kits, kids will love the Batman™ vs. The Joker™: Batmobile™ Chase 76180, Minion Pilot in Training 75547, Tech Machines 45002, Cargo Train 10875 and Avengers Wrath of Loki 76152 sets.   

However, the best option while looking for Lego sets for 5 year olds and above will be Fire Station 60215 from the Lego City series. With 508 Lego pieces, the set comes with the mobile app featuring Instruction Plus that can be informative for the kids to learn digital operation with easy zooming, rotating and visualizing through Ghost mode. There are accessories like six water elements to load into fire hose and stud shooter fire extinguisher for shooting them at fire elements by pressing the lever and put the fire out, just like firefighters do.

As kids learn about the brave works of the firemen, they can also clear the rod by pressing light and sound brick and launch drone by spinning rotors and rotate camera in search of fire. You will also get telephone, popcorn, television, remote-control and bucket in the three-leveled station equipped with relaxation room, scout tower, office, garage with opening door, waterside dock, landing pad etc. The off-road truck has storage compartments, water scooter, hose and scouting drone.     

Best Lego Set For 6 Years Old Kid

Choosing Lego for 6 year olds can be a little tricky as this is the time when they would prefer more imaginative play than pre-defined ones. Kids in this age want to assemble Lego sets in a customized way to reimagine stories from their favorite movies, comic books etc and build realistic characters. A few such models include Spider-Man & Doctor Octopus Mech Battle 76198, Batman™ vs. The Penguin™ & Harley Quinn™ 40453, Passenger Train 60197 and Indominus Rex vs. Ankylosaurus 75941.

Now, Pigsy’s Food Truck 80009 set from the Lego Monkie Kid series is the most suitable option with 832 pieces that anyone above eight years old can assemble. From the pig-shaped roof with rapid shooter for battle to the fake fridge containing weapons, Bull-clones with buildable motorbikes for stealing food to the command center on the other side of truck –there are lots to explore. While Instruction Plus helps in easy building, kids will love role-playing with five Minifigures of Monkie Kid, Pigsy, Uncle Qiao, Grunt and Snort having stud shooter and axe.

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Best Lego Set For 9 Years Old Kid

It is almost time for the high school years and kids will look out for larger sets to test their patience. You need models that have more longevity and offer great accomplishment senses to encourage the kids. From Ocean Exploration Ship 60266 to Chevrolet Corvette C8.R Race Car and 1968 Chevrolet Corvette 76903, The Pirate Ship Adventure 21152 to BOOST Creative Toolbox 17101, there are lots of options for kids playing with Legos.

Now, not only for Potterheads but also for kids who love some magical touch in their lives will find that the Hogsmeade Village Visit 76388 kit from the Lego Harry Potter series is the best set to assemble. With 520 Lego pieces, this set with the collectibles like golden anniversary special Minifgure of Ron Weasley and four wizard card tiles brings together the famous Honeydukes candy store and Three Broomsticks pub from Hogsmeade village.

There are Minifigures of Harry Potter, Professor McGonagall, Dean Thomas, Madam Rosemerta and Mr. and Mrs. Flume that kids will love to role-play as. They can recreate scenes from the movie and the book with the buildable recreational elements at the two-storied candy store, three outdoor builds and various furnishings and accessories for the pub.    

Best Lego Set For 13 Years Old Kid

Choosing Legos for older kids, especially teens can confuse you because their choices tend to change and they are more excited to try out the Lego sets designed for adults as those are more challenging. Therefore, you need models that can instigate a sense of pride and confidence in kids on complete assembling of the structures. Be it Kylo Ren’s Shuttle 75256 for Star Wars fans or McLaren Senna GTR™ 42123 for Technic automobile enthusiasts, Hedwig 75979 for Pottermores or Avengers Tower 40334 for Marvel Avengers fans –there is no dearth of Lego sets.

A perfect geographical set for boys and girls alike, the Trafalgar Square 21045 model from the Lego Architecture series will the best option to educate kids about the most famous historical landmarks of the world. With 1197 pieces, this model inspired from the public square of London features realistic color scheme and depiction of scale of the architectures that gives kids an idea about the history, design, travel and architectural marvels of England.

There are removable panels and dome of the National Gallery to give access to intricate interior, celebrated fountains with blue tiles and sidewalks with the iconic transports like two black cabs and two double-decker buses. Four lions flank Nelson’s Column and there are four sculpture plinths, six lampposts, ten trees and tiled baseplate. Kids can remove the rear end of the gallery for accessing the buildable paintings and statues.

The booklet will teach them about the history and architecture of each landmark, history and heritage of the square such as how it was named after the naval victory (1805) of Lord Horatio Nelson against Napoleon and how it has been used for community and political gatherings.

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Lego Lights For The Sets To Keep Kids Entertained

As plug-and-play kits for 6+ years old kids, the Lego LED lights of Lightailing and Briskmax can make the Lego structures come alive especially in the dark. Although toddlers and 4 years old kids should be kept away from the delicate lights and accessories due to choking hazards, the parents or any elder can assemble the lights for them to see the lightened models. There is no need to learn about electrics for the kids aged six and above to install the light kits as there are illustrated universal manuals to help in each step.  

So, the light kit for Trafalgar Square 21045 can be installed for a detailed and realistic night view to let kids understand how the actual landmark looks at night. You can light up Legos on behalf of the kids below 6 in case of the Fire Station 60215 light kit or enjoy a family light installation extravaganza with the lighting kit for Pigsy’s Food Truck 80009.

Always make sure that the light kits are tested properly before installation and consider supervising the kids below ten if you are not sure about how the kids will be able to handle the kits. In case you are unable to find light kit for a specific model, you can easily customize that from another model of the same category, such as the light for Hogwarts Great Hall can be used for Hogsmeade Village Visit.  

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