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With multiple Lego categories and models released since the dawn of the Lego world, enthusiasts of all gender have found a productive way to satisfy the mind. There is no hard and fast rule on which sets are strictly for any particular gender as boys and girls can have similar tastes, be it something from a fairy tale like the Lego Disney sets or from action-packed automobile sector such as the Lego Technic sets.

When it comes to choosing Lego kits for boys, the few categories that you might consider first are Marvel Avengers, Technic, Ideas, Batman, Star Wars, Ninjago, Hidden Side etc. However, when it is a gift to your boys, their choice should be your foremost concern and if that is from Lego Friends, then be it.

cool lego sets for boys

How To Choose Lego Sets For Boys

So, now that you have a more open mindset to choose the best sets for the boys, make sure you follow the three rules to come up with what is perfect. Your kids need to find challenge, excitement and fun while assembling each model. At the same time, it will not hurt to ask them which type of Lego set they prefer. Here is how you can choose the sets.

1. Know What Interests Them

As mentioned above, you can ask directly or indirectly about the type of Lego sets he likes or would like to have, as well as the ones already in their possession because gifting them something they already have or a set that they might not feel like assembling will not serve your purpose of gifting. If you want to keep it a surprise, be observant of their choice of movies, television shows, hobby, field of study or job, place they would like to visit or have visited and feel connected towards, something that can ignite nostalgia of childhood and so on.

For example, someone with passion for cars would love to build the Monster Jam Max-D 42119 or 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 75895, while a boy who follows every Marvel movie or show will fall in love with Avengers War Machine Buster 76124 or Iron Man Mech 76140.

2. Choose The Ones According To Age

Your five year old boy who loves to play with toy cars can make the best out of the Racing Cars 60256 that is made up of only 190 Lego pieces and will educate him about cars run on electricity and gasoline. He will also feel the thrill of the car race even though he cannot experience one firsthand and the set will stimulate his imaginations with various accessories like removable hood scoop and traffic cones while role-playing is made possible with two driver Minifigures.

On the other hand, when you need to buy sets for a boy of sixteen or above, the Ford Mustang 10265 set with 1471 Lego pieces can be a great option this 1960 muscle car replica is not only a perfect collectible for display for anyone with penchant for classic cars but also offers a challenging experience as they build the air scoop, high-grip tires, 5-spoke rims, rear axle, opening trunk, detailed interior, nitrous oxide tank, ducktail spoiler, supercharger, exhaust pipes and emblems.

The Lego sets are created in such a way that some models of even larger number of pieces are suitable for young ones because assembling those is easy and models with greater number of Lego pieces are for older boys due to high difficulty level. Choose the sets according to the age-group mentioned for each so that neither the young ones find the building experience too exhausting nor the older ones find the assembling too easy to have fun.

lego kits for boys

3. Choose According To Their Experience

In respect to the above point, you will find that the best Lego sets for boys without much prior Lego building experience or skill will be more comfortable assembling sets with smaller count of Lego pieces, for example the 3in1 Propeller Plane 31099 set with 128 pieces is easy to build and perfect for beginners. On the other hand, boys with decent experience of Lego building from young age can make the best out of the sets with greater number of Lego pieces, for example the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 42093 set comprising 579 pieces.

The more experienced a boy is with large number of sets completed, the more difficult models will enthrall them. Therefore, lads who have experience with several Lego Marvel sets will find a large model like Avengers Ultimate Quinjet 76126 with 838 Lego pieces a perfect option to test their skills.

4. Get Additional Sets Of Similar Category, Or Not

The craze for some things never falters and the fandom of Star wars, Harry Potter, Marvel Avengers, Ninjago etc is a perfect example. Therefore, no matter how many Lego Star Wars sets a person has on display or assembled earlier, he will never be bored of assembling new models. If the boy you are planning to gift is someone like that, he will always love additional Star Wars models like Resistance A Wing Starfighter 75248, Yoda 75255 or Darth Vader’s Castle 75251 to name a few.

On the other hand, too much of dwelling on a particular series might become tiresome and monotonous for some. So, if you notice that he has several Lego City models like Diving Yacht 60221, Race Buggy Transporter 60288 and Boat Transporter 60254 and seems less enthusiastic about having more, it is your cue to get a Lego set from another category like Legacy Boulder Blaster 71736 from Ninjago or Abandoned Mine 21166 from Minecraft.

lego sets for 6 year old boy

5. Get Lego Sets With Light Kit According To Budget  

Your budget should be taken in consideration while getting Lego sets for your boys because they might expect something more with the sets like the light kits or digital play. So, if you are planning to go with lighting kits and have a somewhat tight budget, going for the pocket-friendly sets like Ice-Cream Truck 60253 with its light kit can put a smile on the little boys as they build the vibrant truck using Instruction Plus, role-play with the boy and girl Minifigures with a dog figure and put together popsicles and cones for serving.

If the boy is a tech-savvy and loves to spend leisure time playing video games, you can check out models with digital play and get light kits for the same. For example, the Wrecked Shrimp Boat 70419 of Hidden Side is an affordable choice along with its light kit and the boys get to delve into the AR experience through the app to reveal the haunted fictional town Newbury and defeat ghost to solve mysteries.      

The Most Popular And Best Lego Sets For Boys

A number of Lego sets have been mentioned so far and while each comes with respective charisma, here are the three unique Lego sets that will never fail to enchant any boy.

Mars Research Shuttle 60226

One of the best educational Lego sets for 6 year old boy, the Mars Research Shuttle with 273 Lego pieces from the Lego City series will inspire any boy to learn about the astronomical wonders and explore the astronautics field of study. Suitable for anyone aged five and above, the set can be assembled with the help of Instruction Plus from the Lego Life mobile app that intuitively helps in zooming, rotation and ghost mode activation for better visualization.

Boys will love role-playing with the two astronaut Minifigures having accessories like helmet, blue visor, scanner, Extra Vehicular Activity suits equipped with golden visors and two geodes that were added in June 2019 with blue crystal elements.

Inspired from the futuristic space exploration projects led by NASA, this set comes with the research shuttle standing 3 inches high, 8 inches wide and 9 inches long and the rover that is 1 inch high, 2 inches wide and 2 inches long. The shuttle has two large cargo doors with opening function, opening cockpit and space for the 1 inch high and 1 inch long storage drone.

The rover, on the other hand will help the boys attach the articulated grappling arm added in June 2019, tilting and laser solar panels, opening compartment with storage drone and the helidrone of the same size as storage drone with scanner for intercepting secret symbols and creating a Mars landscape and the spinning rotors.

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best lego set for 11 year old boy

Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt 75935

Among the cool Lego sets for boys who love to learn about the pre-historic dinosaurs and watch the fictional movies from the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchise, the Baryonyx Face-off: The Treasure Hunt 75935 with 434 Lego pieces will be a perfect gift. Suitable for boys aged seven and above, the set from the Lego Jurassic World series lets them recreate the scenes where Owen and Claire take over the rogues trying to smuggle dinosaurs.

There are Minifigures of Owen Grady and Claire Dearing with Sinjin Prescott and Danny Nedermeyer figures that were added in June 2019. There is also the dog figure of Red along with map, videotape, bag and hat for Sinjin and weapons like machete for Sinjin and tranquilizer gun for Owen.

 The 4 inches high, 1 inch wide and 11 inches long molded and buildable Baryonyx will be a prized possession to any boy, especially when it has posable arms, legs, head and snapping jaws. They can indulge in action-packed chasing scenes featuring the offroader that is 2 inches high, 3 inches wide and 5 inches long having space for Owen and Grady, buildable flashlight, fuel container, screwdriver, rear storage and attachment point where the 3 inches high, 2 inch wide and 5 inches long Trailer can be connected.

There is buildable rooftop antenna, opening door, detailed interior featuring buildable computer, bed and accessories like movie camera, frying pan and coffee cup in the detailed interior and assorted plants to the exterior. The Jungle scene comes alive with brick-built palm tree, assorted plants, two fish elements and the hidden treasure chest that reveals two golden bars and six gems on pressing the trigger.

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Jeep Wrangler 42122

With 665 pieces, the Jeep Wrangler 42122 set from the Lego Technic category is the best Lego set for 11 year old boy because he can test it on every terrain including obstacles, thanks to the functional front steering and suspension articulated by axle. Suitable for anyone above nine years old, this model perfectly resembles the original celebrated offroader in the signature color scheme of black and yellow with the prestigious branding of Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

Standing 12cm high with a length of 24cm and a width of 13cm, the car will be a head-turner whether your boy displays this model or takes it on a spin. The opening hood and doors make way for easy access to the interior and engine of this 4x4 SUV of stellar performance.

The front steering can be operated with a button and the axle articulation for the suspension makes it easy to face any adverse terrain. The highlights are the fold-down seat on the rear side, functional winch, spare full-size tire, 7-slot grille and the round classic headlamps.

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cool lego sets for boys

Light Kit For The Lego Sets To Make Your Boys Happy

If the Lego sets can make the boys feel overwhelmed, the Lego lighting kits from Lightailing or Briksmax will be like icing on the cake as they can now brighten up their models to avoid overshadowing in the dark. If your boys are six or above, the plug-and-play kits can be given to them and in case of younger ones, an elder can show them how it is done so that they can install the kits easily when they grow up.

The light kit of Jeep Wrangler 42122 will highlight the interior, headlights, rooftop, indicators, taillights and other sections of the vehicle to make the offroad action more thrilling for boys. The Baryonyx Face-off: The Treasure Hunt 75935 lighting kit can lighten up the jungle landscape, trailer interior and the offroader while the Mars Research Shuttle 60226 lighting kit enhances different sections of the rocket launcher and rover.

Besides, these, you will also find light kits for War Machine Buster 76124 and Ultimate Quinjet 76126 for a Marvel fanboy. The lighting kits of Racing Cars 60256, Ford Mustang 10265, Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 42093 etc will be perfect for car lovers with these Lego models. If your boy is a nerd about Star Wars and have the Lego models, consider giving him LED light kits for Resistance A Wing Starfighter 75248, Darth Vader’s Castle 75251 and Yoda 75255. Do not forget to get Wrecked Shrimp Boat 70419 and Ice-Cream Truck 60253 light kits to make their play experience better.            

The light kits can be installed even if your boy has lack of electrical skill because there is instruction manual with illustrations for each kit. Once you choose Lego sets for the boys, consider giving them a little bit of extra treat with the light kits.  

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