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What to gift your fellow Lego lover? Lego sets are the first things that will come to your mind while considering Lego gift ideas. However, if the gift is for someone whose Lego collection you are unaware of, choosing the Lego sets can be tricky as you would not want to gift the model that the person already has. On the other hand, if you know all about the Lego collection of the person, say your close friend or a kid or an adult from your family, Lego sets can be easily picked up as gift options, especially if you know which series they prefer most. For example, a Star Wars fan will definitely love a set from the Star Wars franchise.  

Now, if a person has a number of Lego sets on display, you can be a little creative with unique gift ideas for Lego lovers. Why not get lighting kits for the Lego sets already in their possession? This will give them the idea that you care a lot about their preferences. Besides, you can never be wrong in gifting small Lego-based trinkets that will put a smile on the recipient’s face. Check out the three gift ideas to help you get started.

gift ideas for lego lovers

Three Gift Ideas For Lego Enthusiasts

You might still be confused at which gift idea will work the best for the recipient and therefore, here is a detailed guide on choosing the gifts for Lego lovers, adults and kids alike. Even if you are new to the Lego world, a thorough observation of the recipients’ preferences and collections can help you out.

Gifts For Users With Who Own Lego Sets

If the gift is for someone of the family or friend, you will generally have full idea of all the sets owned. If it is for a co-worker or someone whose preferences or collections are unknown to you, there is no shame in asking which sets they own. You can even look out for their favorite movie, show or interest in any field. For example, the best Lego gifts for someone in law enforcement field will be light kits for Police Station 60141 and 10278 great options while Harry Potter fans will find the lighting kit for Hogwarts Room of Requirement 75966 a perfect gift to create the magical ambience.  

Needless to say, it will come handy to know the names of the sets owned by the recipient even though the light kits from Lightailing, as well as Briksmax are customizable to be used in different models from the same category. Gifting the light kit for T. rex Transport 75933 will be useful even if the person has only the Stygimoloch Breakout 75927 set and he/she might even consider buying the former set later. But the best presents for Lego lovers will be gifting both the Lego set and the light kit as a complete package so that the person does not find the gift somewhat incomplete, although useful.

The light kits are suitable for anyone above six, so it is better not gift these to younger ones. However, it is still a gift if an adult can install the lights for the kids below six or if the kid can use the kit when he/she grows up. In case of adults, the light kits are easily installable with the instruction manual provided for each kit, therefore, can be utilized by beginners and experts alike even though they do not have electrical skills.

lego personalised gifts

Lego Sets For Users Who Do Not Own Many Sets

Undoubtedly, the best gifts for Lego lovers will always be the Lego sets from various categories that they like or have experience with. It does not matter whether the person has several Lego sets built and displayed at home, or have a handful of structures. Some Lego builders can never get enough of the sets while newbies always long for new Lego structures to build. Here are three best Lego sets that even kids will love to build under an adult supervision and with which you can never go wrong.

1. Colosseum 10276

Created for adults i.e. for eighteen years old and older, this Creator Expert model comprising 9036 pieces can give the builder the “when in Rome…” vibe. One of the best Lego gifts for adults who enjoy nitty-gritty off history and architecture, this model can also be built with kids to help them learn about the history of this Roman amphitheatre or reminisce about the structure from their visit to Rome.

One of the largest sets of Lego with 59cm depth, 52cm width and 27cm height, this set will take the recipient on a journey to the imperial Roman era. Building the three levels of the structure along with the columns in orders of Corinthian, Ionic and Doric will be satisfying for anyone. The notable features like the Corinthian pilasters of the attic, the iconic arches on the northern section of the outer wall façade and the elaborate yet mysterious hypogeum beneath the arena will enchant the Lego enthusiasts.          

Gift the light kit for this model to let them enjoy the 360-degree display on the oval base as they imagine 80000 spectators sitting in this elliptical free-standing model. The Travertine paving blocks on the ancient walkway laden with olive trees around the Colosseum can even be madsde more interesting with the Creator Fiat 500 10271 model.

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lego gifts for adults

2. The Disney castle 71040

As a Lego birthday gift or wedding anniversary gift to someone who is young at heart and follows Disney shows, the 4080-piece Disney Castle 71040 will be perfect. Suitable for anyone aged sixteen or above, this enormous model can also be displayed as a décor for the kids’ nursery or playroom. Although the set is a bit difficult to assemble by little kids, they can accompany an elder to learn the Lego building skill.

As the replica featuring the Disney-themed rooms and detailed façade of the Walt Disney World Resort Cinderella Castle, the set gives endless role-playing opportunities using the five Minifigures of Tinkerbell, Donald and Daisy Duck, Micky and Minnie Mouse, each with special accessories and attire. Standing 74cm high, 31cm deep and 48cm wide, the set has golden crown and two frogs for creative play opportunities. The roof has a removable section to access the glass slipper and printed-covered fairy tale book.       

Anyone will appreciate this gift more when he/she builds the stone bridge, wide arch entrance, clock, spire towers, ornate balconies, five-storied main tower with golden spire and four-leveled main building. Mosaic floor, chandelier, wall adorned with shields, armor suits, grandfather clock, golden lamp and magic carpet from the first floor and the buildable curtains candelabra etc from the second floor are notable features of Main Building. The third floor with spell book, chest, bucket and mop and the fourth floor with intricate bed and golden headboard will also enthrall the builder.

Your gift will also let the recipient explore the kitchen of the first floor featuring food elements and kitchenette, second floor featuring spinning wheel, third floor featuring chest with lock of hair and the two stud shooters for firework display, fourth floor featuring red apple and golden mirror and the fifth floor with arched window of the Main Tower.

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3. Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage 75936

 Among the Lego personalized gifts for dinosaur lovers and cinephiles who enjoyed the classic Jurassic Park movies, the Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage 75936 set consisting of 3120 pieces will always be appreciated. Created for enthusiasts aged sixteen and above, the set will let your loved one(s) recreate seven scenes within the walls of the famous gate, inspired from the movie trilogy. True fans will always love the Minifigures of Alan Grant with his famous dinosaur claw and hat, Ian Malcom, John Hammond with his amber-adorned cane and hat, Ellie Sattler, Dennis Nedry and Ray Arnold.

The iconic gate showed in both classic and new-age movies standing 14cm deep, 48cm wide and 42cm high has flame elements and jungle leaves and can be opened by turning a trigger. The mighty 22cm high, 17cm wide and 69cm long T. rex figure with snapping jaws and posable tail, legs, arms and head will turn gazes while the buildable display stand features facts of this dinosaur. Also, there is one baby dinosaur for the buildable nest and two cracked eggs recreating the scene where Alan sees them for the first time.

Gifting this set with its lighting kit gives the person an opportunity to reimagine Ian Malcom resting on a bed in the bunker equipped with fire extinguisher, display cases, flashlight and ladder, Ellie turning on the power at the power shed, Ray working at control room with three computers, a desk and chair, bathroom scene with the T.rex, Dennis rolling down the mud slide losing the shaving cream embryo can and Hammond having dinner with chair, table, three cookies, spoon and ice-cream.

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Lego Accessories For Lego Lovers

Lego sets and lights kits aside, if you want some DIY Lego ornaments for your colleague, classmate or loved one to gift on any occasion or just like that, check out the Lego flash drive that comes handy for anyone working on computer and storing data. Coming with a yellow Lego cap and yellow Lego brick body, the flash drive will look trivial and unobvious if you want to keep the drive a secret and at the same time, any Lego lover will love how cute it looks.

For someone who loves mind-tricks, the Lego Rubik’s Cube with a black triangular stand can be a great gift. Fast and smooth twist and turns can be made with this unique cube, thanks to the layer mosaics without scattered racks. For kids especially, this Velcro designed cube will help them get strong grip with seismic comfortable non-slip soles. Lubricants can also be used to keep the white, red, blue, green, yellow and orange blocks smooth while the collocation off colors helps in distinguishing different colors.

Your biker or cyclist friend or a homemaker family member can make use of the Lego City key chain to keep vehicle keys or keys for rooms and drawers. The eco-friendly resin and scratch-proof electroplating will add durability to this chain.

lego Key Chain


A fan of a certain show will always welcome a Lego set inspired by that franchise, for example, Stranger Things fans will love to assemble The Upside Down 75810 model and as an added bonanza, use the light kit for the same. Similarly, consider gifting the Grand Piano 21323 to a pianist or Bugatti Chiron 42083 to a car lover or Iron Man 31199 to a Marvel Avengers nerd along with the light kits for those models. On the other hand, as some add-ons or for a casual affordable gift option, you will also find the key chains, Rubik’s cubes and flash drives suitable as these also bear the quirkiness of the Lego world.

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