Light Kit Hack For Venice Architecture LEGO Set
Venice is generally an ancient city with lots of architectural building and sites to enjoy. If you want to enjoy building an ancient town with LEGO® blocks your kid, then Venice architecture LEGO® set would be the best choice for you. This lego set is the part of the LEGO® architecture skyline collection, which offers models for displaying in either office or home.

It was intended for those people who have a particular interest in the history and architectural culture of Venice city. With the help of this realistic LEGO® set, you would be able to recreate the architectural and historical magnificence of the city. This set features Rialto Bridge, St. Mark’s Basilica, St. Mark’s Campanile, and St. Theodore.

Venice architecture

Also, for blowing life into the LEGO® set, you could also install lightning kits for the model. You would be able to find LEGO® lightning kit for Venice architecture  lego set in the market. These lightning kits would light your whole set up for providing more realistic effects during the night time.

Features of the Lightning Kits for This LEGO® Set

Venice architecture light kit

The model building process would be even more enjoyable if you add the lighting set of the model. This lighting kit would challenge your kid’s creative skill, and in the end, your kid would be rewarded with an excellent night view of Venice city. Mentioned below are some of its features for this LEGO® set.

  • One of the features of these lightning kits would be that these kits are very easy to install. These lights are designed in such a way that it would easily fit the between or under the LEGO® blocks. These lightning kits would have also easy to understand installation guide for helping you and your kid.

Venice architecture lego set light kit

  • Another essential feature of this lightning would be their scalability. These kits could be joined with lightning kits of other models, thus enabling you to power up every model form a single power source.
  • The lightening kit for LEGO® would have high-quality lights and cable that would be able to illuminate the whole LEGO® set of the Venice.
  • In addition to the lightning, these kits would also have various sound effects that would make the scene more realistic and fun to observe. Some of the sound kits would allow the user to upload MP3 files that could be played through the integrated sound system of the set.

Accessories of the Lightning Kits

lego Venice architecture set light

This lightning kit would contain 11 X 15 white lights that illuminate the whole set. This set would also include 1 X adhesive Squares, 1 X AA battery pack, 1 X 30 cm USB cable and 1 X 12 ports extension board. The kit would also include an instruction manual and a sales card.

Venice architecture for light kit

In the market, you would find several vendors who would be providing lightning sets along with the lego set. Before purchasing the kit, make sure that every component is present in the kit or not. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the architectural beauty of Venice city, then be sure to buy the Venice Architecture LEGO® Set.

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