Let's Have Fun On Vacation With Vacation Light Kit

Vacation time is an all-around fun-filled period for the children and, indeed, for the whole family. Families look forward the entire year to plan for getaways like these and often spend the vacation in exotic locations away from home. The kids and the parents spend time together and often go on holiday trips in camper vans and head for beautiful beaches on the seaside.

light up Vacation Getaway lego set

To celebrate the holiday spirit, premier toy company Lego has periodically released vacation-themed brick models for kids and adult enthusiasts. These models look their best with light kit for vacation getaways when displayed in their full glory after assembly. The Vacation Getaway model 31052 is one such beautifully-designed piece by Lego. It consists of a camper van, a boat, and trailer, mini-figures of a boy, woman and abides along with accessories to design a functional campsite on the beach.

Lighting up Vacation Getaway Kits

Assembling the Vacation Getaway Model is a fun-filled activity for the children. Often the whole family joins together to create beautiful Lego models, and then they may add the finished product in toy collections or use the same as a showpiece. The whole process is quite enjoyable and teaches the children building techniques and endows them with a sense of creative accomplishment. After completion of the set, it often sits idle in the playhouse or display area with the children sometimes using the set creatively acting out vacations while at home.

light kit for lego getaway

Lights for Lego set such as the Vacation Getaway complement the décor of the assembled piece. The camper van, boat, and trailer can be suitably fitted with LED lights to enhance the overall look and feel. The 792 pieces set takes a fair amount of time and dedication to assemble, and it may feel neglected after a certain period. LED lights kits for such completed sets can be useful to spruce them up and add to the décor of the pay area or they may even be used as a beautifully lit up display piece in the drawing room. The LED light kits add considerable value to your completed Lego sets in general and the Vacation Getaway models in particular, with the camper van, boat and trailer perfectly lit up even in the dark.  

Light Up Your Own Lego Vacation Models

light kit for lego

So, light up Lego Kits such as the Vacation Getaway 31052 model as an added fun-filled family activity during the holidays. What more convenient is that these LED kits are quite easy to integrate into the Lego product itself, as they are built by professionals who are passionate Lego enthusiasts themselves. The electric cables, LED lights, their fittings, and accessories all blend seamlessly into the original Lego structure without any loose ends. All that remains to be done is to flick the power switch on and watch as the models sparkle to life with colorful lights strategically placed to focus on the intricate details of the structures.

The Vacation Getaway models come to life with LED lighting transforming them into a multi-colored showpiece to cherish for life.


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