The Magic of Lighting White House

The White House is one of the most politically and socially significant structures of the United States. Being the workplace and official residence for every United States President, The legendary White House is a place of attraction to every tourist visiting the Washington D.C., and its importance has also been shown on various Hollywood movies and television shows. It is only obvious that the Lego group would include this architectural digest in the Architecture category, and enthusiastic Lego builders would love to assemble the Lego pieces to build a miniature version of this important administrative building. However, the Lego structures are nowadays coming with lighting accessories to avoid the bland look under low light conditions. The light kit for Lego White House will be useful to create a night look of this grand structure.

Light Kit For United States Capitol 21030

The Lego White House That You Are Lighting Up

The architectural design of the White House was the brainchild of James Hoban, and its design was chosen by the then president of United States, George Washington on 16th July 1792. The construction of this six storied structure was finished by 1800, and after an explosion in 1814, it was rebuilt by Hoban.

Light Kit For United States Capitol

  • The extensive looking Lego architecture of the White House 21006 requires 561 pieces to be assembled properly at first and then the lighting accessories to be installed.
  • The Lego lights will lighten up the revered White House structure from the 18thcentury, and this six leveled structure resembles the original structure built by Hoban.  
  • As the building section has only white and black bricks with the surrounding garden requiring mostly green and some maroon bricks, anyone over twelve years of age is suitable to build the structure and add lights under the guidance of an adult.

lightup United States Capitol 21030

  • You will get a booklet written in the English language where the information about the design, construction, and history of The White House is available.
  • The light kit for Technic Lego will enlighten the structure standing on the wide grey base where ‘The White House’ is printed. The entire structure has 10 cm height and 22.4 cm in width.

Things to Remember About the Light Kit

Light Kit For lego United States Capitol 21030

Once you have finished assembling the White House structure, you should open the lighting kit and make sure that there is no tampered or broken part, which is unlikely under sturdy package but being safe never hurts.

  • Your package will contain small sized LED lights and their compatible LED wires which are easily attachable. The lights and cables are to be entered through the Lego pieces in a way they do not stick out awkwardly over the structure or get tampered in between the pieces.
  • The light kit for White House contains expansion boards, USB wire, and a USB hub too for easy connection of the light accessories with the main power. All you need is to plug in the hub, and the lights will be on.
  • No matter whether you have knowledge about electricity or not, any adult, as well as a kid over 12 years of age, can install the lights by referring to the universal instruction books included in the package.

No more worrying about your Lego structure sitting in the dark when the lights are off. The light kits are to be tested at first and appropriately installed with the structure to enjoy a grand night view of the White House.


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