Imagination At Its Best – Death Star

The “Star Wars” universe has been the favorite among many children and adults since the release of its first movie in the 1970s. Even after four decades, nine movies and countless shows, animations and spin-off programs later, it still remains one of the most popular science fiction series ever made. Many of its characters and movie scenes have gained iconic status among science fiction fans, the “Death Star” being one such structure that has inspired awe and admiration over the years.

light kit for lego death star 10881

Lego, the world-famous toy company, decided to further offer its numerous customers around the globe and “Star Wars” series fans by entering into an agreement with the franchise in 1999. The result was the periodic release of many prominent characters, scenes, and props of the movies in Lego form. One such popular collection was the well-known “Death Star,” which was re-released in 2016 following the discontinuation of the original 2008 version in 2015 with new features and upgrades.

Imagine this iconic Lego toy showpiece with its full complement of light kit for Lego Star Wars, displayed among your collection in its full glory. Let us discuss the reasons such light kits are an essential addition to your Lego sets in general and “Death Star” in particular.

Why Use Lights for Lego Death Star?

The latest Lego Death Star 75159 release was remodeled and upgraded from its original 2008 design. The entire set consists of about four thousand Lego bricks and mini figures of many iconic characters from the series like Luke and Leia Skywalker, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kanobe, Senator Palpatine, Han Solo, Chewbacca, the Robots 3-CPO and R2-D2, Storm Troopers to name a few. Also, there are separate rooms or areas in the structure which re-creates memorable scenes from the movies.

Light Kit For Death Star 10188

Light up Your Own “Death Star”

Once you have invested hours of your time and assembles the complete structure, you would want to enhance the overall look and feel of the structure. That is where light kit sets come in – they are constructed keeping in mind the Lego structure by trained professionals who are passionate about Lego toys themselves. They understand the customer’s requirements perfectly and decorate collectible structures like the “Death Star” to enhance its numerous details further.

Such lights for Lego Death Star are readily available online or in the toy markets – just be sure about its quality and reputation before buying. Checking the website of the manufacturer for authenticity and reading reviews by previous users is often a good idea.

Light Kit For Death Star

The cables and LED lights blend seamlessly within the Lego structure so that there are no ungainly loose ends or wires visible anywhere. Also, prior experience is not necessary for the light kit’s installation as proper instruction manuals are shipped with the product.

Death Star 10188

So, you can now light up Lego sets like the “Death Star” to justify its Ultimate Collector Series” tagline with fully-integrated LED lighting systems and further enhance the overall appeal.  The finished structure, with its amazingly detailed re-enactment of movie scenes, will now be fully visible in all its colorful glory and will be a worthy addition to your Lego collection.


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