It's Easier Than Ever To Create Your Own Light Kit For Pet Shop

If you adopt a pet friend at your home –be it a bird or a cat, a dog or fish, you will surely be well acquainted with the local pet shop. You will notice that an entire floor of the shop is not generally dedicated to different types of pets like birds, animals, fish or reptiles, but they are kept on different levels. Keeping this common setup in mind, Lightailing has brought you the light kit for a pet shop with which you can lighten up the three levels of the Lego Pet Shop 10218. 

Light kit for Lego Pet shop set 

How to Add Lights to Your Lego Pet Shop?

Whenever the idea of installing lights to your Lego structure has popped up on your mind, you might have felt that the procedure is a complicated one and requires electrical knowledge. Well, you are wrong as Lightailing has created the light kit for Lego architecture in a way that anyone can set up the lights with wires and make the structure look glorious even at night. You should be aware of the following –



  • The lighting kit for Lego 3-in-1 Creator Pet Shop 10218 offers you some custom bricks, but those will not be enough at all to set up the whole structure that requires 2032 pieces. So, get the Lego set and assemble it properly before handling the lighting set.
  • You can easily customize the structure according to your wish, and the lights too, are free to be customized accordingly. The LED lights along with LED wires are compatible with the Pet Shop set, no matter how you have tailored it.

LED light for pet shop

  • You can light up your Lego pet shop with the help of the AA batteries, which are to be purchased separately. The battery pack is included in the package along with a USB hub which you need to plug in with the main power, and the lights will play automatically.
  • Inside the well packaged Lightailing box, you will find the instruction books written in a universal language so that you have no problem in installing the lights.
  • The wires and lights should not be dangling in between the structure and mar the look; they should be passed through and beneath the bricks in order to keep the thin light accessories safe.

Features to know about the Pet Shop 10218

light kit for lego pet shop

The light kit for pet shop will complement the three-storied structure along with townhouse made of 2032 pieces. The mini figures include shop owner, painter, a woman and a girl with accessories like bicycle, paint roller, dog bones, birdhouse, brush, bucket, goldfish in a fish tank, parrots, cat, dog, etc. The kitchen on upper floor features stove, stone fireplace, chair, table, and coffee maker and the loft connected through hinged staircase overlooks open planned interior downward. While the loft has is lightened up with lamp and skylight, the townhouse on the ground floor features a couch, crawl space, mailbox, etc under warm lights. With detailed attic, a rooftop garden filled with vegetables and French doors opening to open balcony, the Pet Shop is something out of a lively town scene that you will love to decorate with LED lights.        

From minute details like flower pots to the mini-figures inside the building –the Lego pet shop is designed in a grand way, just how a typical pet shop would look like.


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