light my brick review

If building Lego structures is rewarding, adding lights to those will be a different experience altogether because it not only challenges your skill but make the sets more visible in dark. Light My Bricks is one of the popular companies currently in the Lego market that offers custom LED lights with peripheral kits to highlight your models and keep away overshadowing issues.

As you are here for the Light My Bricks review, it is better to address the fact that you should always complete building a particular set before moving to the light installation part, unless you wish to be in a fix to figure out where to add lights.

light my bricks review

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There are various options like Brick Loot, Briksmax, Lightailing etc for Lego lights and choosing the most suitable and convenient kit might confuse you. However, there are a few factors that you should consider, such as the size of the battery pack and USB hub, the inclusion of clips for lights, packaging, quantity of lights and connecting wires and USB power supply.

So, let’s check out the highlights of Light My Bricks kits along with the pros and cons to decide whether it is worthy for your sets –    

Light My Bricks –What Makes It Special

If you want to make your Lego model get the effect of a lightened up diorama, Light My Bricks with one of the largest range of lights can be a great option.

This Australia-based company has light kits for several series like Star Wars, Building, Vehicle, Technic, Ideas, Harry Potter etc and what is better, the DIY components are also offered to make way for an independent approach in light making.

These Lego light up sets have online step-by-step instruction manual while the LEDs and cables are small enough to be passed between the bricks.

Each light kit comes with cards and stickers along with the lighting components in the clear anti-static plastic bags that are kept safe with molded foam. Within the sturdy printed boxes, the components are easily accessible with magnetic clasps.

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Pros: The highlights of using the light kits from Light My Bricks include –

  • The wires are delicate and small enough to pass through the stubs
  • There are several battery packs and you might not even require all of them
  • Low battery issues are hardly found to be ruining the light effects.
  • Downloading instructions online is convenient, especially because unlike hard copy of manual, the online material is not lost.
  • Shipping from Australia does not take much time and all the products go through thorough quality check from the Melbourne warehouse.

Cons: Apart from the above-mentioned advantages and good customer service provided by Light My Bricks, you should consider a few factors because for each unmatched LED Lego bricks might lose the cool effect.

Here are the disadvantages of using Light My Brick Light Kit –

  • The 26-28-gauge connecting wires tend to break if you are not careful enough
  • The batteries low on power might affect the overall brightness and effect of the LEDs.
  • The lights might not last long if you are using Lego Power Functions because it consumes significant power.
  • There might be an issue with overheating expansion boards due to low-voltage elements when the wire is not connected to any load.
  • The light accessories are not so small that you can hide those properly –some elements are visible from outside.
  • It can get tricky to place and insert the wires between the bricks.   

What Makes Lightailing Lego Light Kits As The Best Alternative

Now that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of Light My Bricks, Lightailing can be the best option as it offers plug-and-play Lego light up kits for users above six. Available at affordable choices, these sets have warranty of 2 years while the return-and-replacement window is open for 7 days.

best light kit for legos

  • Suitable For All Skill Level

Lightailing does not discriminate between expert and beginner Lego builders, therefore, the light kits are made both for those are experienced in electrics and those who are laymen. An intuitive installation experience is guaranteed with the universal manuals added with the kits that describe the process with illustrations.    

  • Numerous Lego Categories Covered

From Christmas to Creator, Star Wars to Superheroes, Architecture to Technic, Marvel to Batman, Harry Potter to Overwatch and Friends to Ninjago –There is something (and more) for every fan. The list is updating regularly so that new sets are included for different categories and you can even add light kits of several sets from a category for an extensive look.  

lightailing lighting system

  • Readymade Kits Available

If you are not that confident or interested to DIY light kit building, there is no dearth of ready-to-assemble light kits from Lightailing or Briksmax for each set where you get LEDs to lighten up all the distinct corners. There are connecting cables, expansion boards, USB cables, battery packs, multifunction modules and more   

briksmax light kit

  • DIY Accessories Available

Satiate your creativity while assembling the Lightailing DIY accessories to light up Lego bricks as you want. Be it AA, AAA and CR2032 battery packs or USB extension cables, 6-port, 8-port and 12-port expansion boards or LEDs and connecting cables of different colors  and sizes respectively –you will get everything needed.

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  • Customizations Can Be Made  

Light kits with complimentary Lego bricks promote customization with the structure while the LEDs with accessories are customizable to use in different sets or combine several kits with the same hub.

Summing up, you can be assured of leaving no carbon footprint while using the LED lights that consume little energy while running at a voltage below 5 volts. Each light kit is packed carefully by keeping LEDs and different accessories separately in plastic packs and those are put inside the hardy box with proper bubble wrap protection. Handmade with premium-quality materials, these can be your durable options to lighten up the Lego structures.  


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