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When you see your Lego sets are being overshadowed by other décor pieces of your house, don’t you long for lights for the Lego sets? Imagine building up an intricate or extensive model and none seems to notice it when it is dark –isn’t it frustrating?

By highlighting Lego with lights you can make sure that the Lego structures get a bright look no matter what time it is. Enjoy your freedom of turning the lights on and off and even end up creating an entirely new night vista of the otherwise conventional getup of the models, for example the Trafalgar Square 21045, London Skyline 21034, San Francisco 21043 and so on.

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Once you have figured out that the key to make your Lego structures more interesting lies in lightening them up, let’s check out the official Lego merchandize i.e. the Powered Up accessories. With remotes, batteries, sensors, motors and power hubs, you can take the Lego building experience several notches higher. There are Technic Hub, Move Hub and general Hub that can be connected with the Powered Up app via Bluetooth and have connecting wire, components and two input-output ports.  

The Technic large and XL-sized motors, Medium and Simple Medium Linear Motors and Train Motor can also be used for the vehicle models along with the LEDs.  When you add the Move hub 88006 or 88009 for the robot toys such as BOOST Creative Toolbox 17101 or other models like Cargo Train 60198 from Lego City and 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader 42099, the Remote Control 88010 is required for light and movement together.

Use Lego Powered Up Light 

Among the official Lego lighting kits, the Powered Up Light 88005 will be the most indispensable element. Created for anyone above seven years old, this tiny light accessory can be used by your little ones too while lightening up various models like the Disney Train and Station 71044 or the Lego Ideas Grand Piano 21323.

With two LED lights attached by the two connecting wires to the connection point, this accessory can be easily connected to the Powered Up components. The Lego City Passenger Train 60197 set with its 10-speed Bluetooth compatible remote control can get a great look with this light component once you connect it with the Powered Up hub.

With the light, you can also consider using the Powered Up Color & Distance Sensor 88007 that is also age-appropriate for 7+ years old users. Compatible with the Move Hub 88006 and 88009, this light and color sensing component can detect six colors, as well as objects located within a distance of 5-10cm. Just like the light, it has a connection point and a thick connecting wire attached to the sensor for motion and color detection to make your light usage more fun.

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Get The Lego Night Mode Sets For Lighting

Readymade lights for Lego sets are something that anyone with minimal experience of lighting Legos will welcome and here comes the Lego Night Mode.

Unveiled at the Lego World of Copenhagen, this official Lego lighted sets will make the building experience more authentic. Although currently only five Lego sets have been taken into consideration for the Night Mode variant, you can only hope that more and more sets will get their respective night mode kits.

Apart from the Lego Harry Potter series and Lego Ideas series model mentioned above, the official lighting for Legos is there for Andrea’s Pool Party from the Lego Friends series, Ford Mustang 10265 and Downtown Diner 10260 sets from the Lego Creator Expert series. These Night mode light kits are plug-and play while being appropriate for anyone above 16 years old.        

But please note that the LEGO User Lab has confirmed that LEGO Night Mode light kits revealed to be on display at LEGO World Copenhagen are not a product launch. Maybe Lego will design and make their own light kit in the future, but not now.

So if you want to buy the light kit designed especially for Lego building set, just continue to read in Part 3 and you will find the best alternaive.
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    Use Lightailing Light Kits

    One of the best Lego light kits at affordable price and customizable option, the LED light kits from Lightailing are easy to use by any 6+ years old user as those are handcrafted as plug-and-play sets. Suitable for beginners and experts alike, these kits come with instruction manuals that have illustrations and everything described in the universal language for ease of installation. Here are the Powered Up Lego sets that will look more vibrant with the light kits –

    App-Controlled Top Gear Rally Car 42109 gets a vibrant look with one warm white strip, two 30cm warm white LEDs and two 30cm red with two 15cm red LEDs.

    Grand Piano 21323 has eight solid RGB color strip lights, two warm white small light strips, nine 10cm, two 15cm and four 30cm warm white LED lights

    The Madman’s elevator, spider web decoration and different levels of the Haunted House 10273 can be brightened up with blue, green, yellow and red LEDs.

    The Disney Train and Station 71044 can be highlighted with the fifteen 10cm and seven 15cm warm white, two 15cm white, two large 15cm warm white, one 15cm blue and one 15cm yellow LED along with the seven warm white strip lights.

    Passenger Train 60197 looks stunning with one red and one white 30cm slow-flashing lights, two 30cm white LEDs and five warm white strips.

    The Lego light kit for 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader 42099 includes one blue and one warm white LED strips, two color-changing light strings, two 30cm warm white, two 30cm yellow, two 30cm red and four 15cm white LEDs.  

    With three XL and four L motors, two Bluetooth Smart hubs, Liebherr R 9800 Excavator 42100 model can get highlighted with yellow LEDs for the wheels and warm white LEDs for the crane arm and the body, especially to highlight the word Liebherr printed on it.

    lego with lightsEach kit has an after-sale warranty of two years from the date of delivery and you can also replace any kit with defective part within seven days of delivery. Whether you use Powered Up light accessories of Lightailing light kits, or use both –always make sure you test each element properly.       

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