Lighting Fun With Epic Tales Of The Legendary Monkey King: The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain 80024

Recreate various moments from the Monkie Kid series with The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain 80024 consisting of nearly 2000 Lego pieces. This kid-friendly model gets a vibrant look without overshadowing once you add the handmade light kit of Briksmax or Lightailing.

Light Kit For The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain 80024

It was 2020 when the Monkie Kid was released as a television series based on the Chinese legends regarding The Journey to the West and The Monkey King. The centuries-old myth came real with the Monkie Kid attaining his power when the Red Son took hold of a weather station for creating chaos. The Lego Monkie Kid featuring the noodle delivery boy who was chosen as the successor of Monkey King and his battle with the evil force is perfectly depicted through The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain 80024 model containing 1949 Lego pieces. Created for anyone above ten years old, the set can get a bright look when it is dark around, thanks to the premium-quality Briksmax lighting kit.

Highlighting The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain 80024 With Light Kit

Light Kit For The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain 80024

The Lego Monkey King set lighting kit box includes separately packed lighting accessories in plastic packages and each of those is secured from handling damage with bubble sheets. Once you have finished building this model, consider opening the box so that no small loose piece gets damaged or lost.

There are eight Minifigures from the series namely Monkie Kid, Sister Monkey, Brother Monkey, four versions of the Monkey King namely Baby, Apprentice, Battle and Classic and the Evil Macaque. The Macaque and Monkie Kid Minifigures rotate on the platform during battle scenes and you can find Chinese calligraphy on it.

Light Kit For The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain 80024

The Lego lighting  kit is age-appropriate for anyone above six no matter whether he/she is a beginner or not and will highlight the set standing 34cm in height, 25cm in depth and 68cm in width.

You should test each element from the light kit before the final setup and then install the mobile-friendly app Lego Building Instruction that contains Instruction Plus for a digital guide along with printed instructions.

The LED for Lego  set will highlight the storytelling features like the opening rock revealing the Monkey King, the brick-built waterfall that can be opened to let Minifigures enter the mountain and the buildable red-crowned crane.

Light Kit For The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain 80024

From the birth of the Monkey King to his ascent to the throne –the stories will encourage Lego builders to nurture resilience and creativity. Adding light kit to the set will equally be exciting and easy with the universal instruction manual that contains illustrations for each step.

For lighting Lego set 80024, you will get pink, blue, white and warm white LEDs that brighten up different sections of the mountainous cove. You will also get connecting cables that can be passed between the Lego pieces smoothly with brick separators so that the outer look is not compromised.

There is no battery in the kit –you should get the required AA batteries beforehand and insert those in the AA battery holder. The kit also contains USB cable for a power hub, expansion boards and adhesive Squares.

You are assured of a 2-year manufacturer guarantee with each light kit if you keep the after-sales card safely. The return policy with replacement is valid for one week.

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