An Inspiring Art Set To Encourages Creative Building: The Beatles 31198

The Beatles 31198 consisting of nearly 3000 Lego pieces is a perfect Lego Art model that will let you pay homage to the legendary classic English band. Different colored LEDs from the Briksmax lighting kit make way for glorifying these portrait canvases in different colors and effects.

Light Kit For The Beatles 31198

There is hardly any person following the English rock genre of music that does not know about John Lennon or The Beatles. It was in 1960 that the Liverpool-based band with a bohemian rock ‘n roll flair came into being with the guitarist, harmonica player and singer John Lennon alongside Bass Guitarist and singer Paul McCartney. They were joined by George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Stuart Sutcliffe etc. The Lego Art series has always made the creation of significant pop culture icons easy and The Beatles 31198 set with 2933 Lego pieces is one such model suitable for anyone above 18 years old. Briksmax comes with its plug-and-play light kit suitable for laymen and experts alike that lets you brighten up the sets in different colors, especially when the surrounding is dark.  

Highlighting The Beatles 31198 With Briksmax Lighting Kit

Light Kit For The Beatles 31198

Each LED for Lego  should be tested before installation and you have to test the accessories for their functionality. Any music enthusiast or Lego builder over six years old can install the light kit although it is important that the installation takes place after the Lego structure is complete.

You do not have to be an expert electrician to set up the light kit, but the 4-in-1 set needs expertise to assemble. The square canvas is 40cm on each side and can be displayed on the shelves or wall. 

Use the Lego light to highlight the set that can be built into four portraits of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison respectively. There is a remote control available with the kit that lets you change the glow in twelve RGB colors like red, blue, yellow, green, pink etc.

The set comes with nine canvas plates. Lego brick-built frame, signature tile of “The Beatles” and the hanging element to fix on the wall. The piece separator included in the kit will be useful to pass connecting wires between the stubs while lighting Lego set.

Flashing, fading or strobe effect and smooth glow can be chosen for the lights from the remote. At the same time, it helps in one-tap switch on and off, adjustment of white balance and brightness while choosing the colors.

Light Kit For The Beatles 31198

The Lego set is equipped with a special soundtrack that can be engrossing as you are building the portraits and you will get to know about different unknown details about the band and other stories from the audiobook.

Learn how to light up Lego 31198  set from the illustrated universal manual just like the coffee-table book gives you instructions about the project. You also get the user guide helping in latter installations. Add batteries to the AA battery holder and prepare the expansion boards, Adhesive Squares and USB cable.     

Showing millions and billions of people of all age groups how to fulfill a dream of becoming musicians, the band released many path-breaking albums like Abbey Road, Let It Be etc. Pay tribute to your favorite star of the band through the Lego set and add lights afterwards.

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