best Lego sets for adults

While Lego sets are among the first ever playthings given to kids for productive leisurely activities, the majority of adults are also always eager to attach a few Lego pieces.

There are numerous cool Lego sets for adults above eighteen years and as there is no strict age-appropriate rule for these sets, adults often end up assembling sets built for enthusiasts above sixteen years, twelve years and even nine years.

Purchasing sets for little ones might be the responsibility of the adults and there are many adults who do not shy away from building the kid-friendly models before giving it to the kids. Now let's check what are the most popular Lego building kits for adults.

cool Lego sets for adults

Seven Evergreen Lego Sets And Their Light Kits

Only building sets will not suffice for adults as they would love to light up bricks with led lights that compatible with Lego. Here are your choices from the categories of entertainment, vehicles, Star Wars, Harry Potter, travel and history, art, design and music and sports and games –

Diagon Alley 75978

One of the detailed Harry potter Lego models for adults¸the Diagon Alley 75978 set with 5544 Lego pieces comes with fourteen Minifigures including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Lucius and Draco Malfoy, Lockhart and so on. From Ollivanders Wand Shop to Florean Fortescue’s ice-cream parlor, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes to Flourish & Blotts, Scribbulus Writing Implements to Quality Quidditch Supplies, there are multiple sections to highlight and role-play.

Some of you may want to light up Lego Diagon Alley 75978 sets so that you can enjoy the night view of this spectacular model. The Lightailing Lego Light Kit is the best choice for you. No electronic technique is required, just follow the step-by-step instruction, you can easily add led lights to your Lego building set in no time.

The light kit contains six white and two warm white adhesive light strips, eight warm white and ten white small light strips, one slow-flashing 15cm blue dot light, five 15cm and four 30cm warm white dot lights, two 15cm and two 30cm white dot lights. 27 random Lego plates are there along with one receiver board, four AA battery holders, four 30cm USB cables, three Adhesive Squares, one CR2025 remote control, one 8-port and six 6-port expansion boards, four 5cm, twenty-one 15cm, one 50cm and eight 30cm connecting wires.  

Lego models for adults

Ghostbusters™ ECTO-1 10274

The Ghostbusters ECTO-1 building sets for adults with 2352 Lego pieces perfectly recreates the 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor from the movies and features functioning steering, ghost trap, trapdoor, proton pack, Ghostbusters logo and extending gunner seat.

When it is night or the room is dark, you can rely on the light kit for Ghostbusters ECTO-1 that will glow in the dark. There is no need to have prior electrical skills as these are just plug-and-play kits suitable for anyone above six.   

The light kit includes four 30cm white, five 30cm warm white, five 30cm blue, three 15cm and seven 30cm red and seventeen 2P 15cm ice-blue LEDs, one warm white and two white strip lights, one 8-port and three 12-port expansion boards, one multifunction board, two 30cm and seven 15cm connecting wires, two adhesive squares, two instruction books and eight Lego plates.  

1989 Batwing 76161

The best Lego for adults who are a fan of DC Universe and Batman, Batwing with 2362 Lego pieces recreates the entrance of Batman in 1989 movie with three Minifigures. Easily displayable on the wall, the set comes with detailed interior, removable canopy, mounting brick, posable flaps and nameplate.

The Briksmax light kit for Batwing has a universal instruction book that contains illustrations so that you can set up the lights easily. You can even get latter installation help by following the user guide.   

The light kit contains 32 random Lego pieces with two adhesive squares, one 5cm and five 30cm connecting wires, four 6-port and three 12-port expansion boards, one 15cm and two 30cm warm white, two 10cm and four 15cm blue, four 15cm and ten 30cm red and four 30cm yellow LEDs.  

best Lego for adults

The Beatles 31198

With 2933 Lego pieces, the Beatles 31198 is one of the most creative sets from Lego adult collection that will let you create four portraits of the band members namely John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr while listening to the specially curated audiobook soundtrack.

Whether you want to display the canvas portrait on the wall or use as a tabletop décor piece, the Lightailing light kit for The Beatles can help you prevent overshadowing the Lego model. Choose the lights as per your choice and if you notice any discrepancy within a week, you are free to return the kit and get it replaced.  

The 12 RGB colors of the light kit lets you highlight the canvas with different colors like red, purple, green, blue etc and the remote control lets you switch on and off the lights, use flash, strobe, smooth or fade function, change brightness or white balance effortlessly.  

The White House 21054

The 1483-piece model comes with building instructions for Lego building ideas for adults along with three detachable sections for close inspection of the interior. The special brick with ‘The White House’ inscription and the detailed East Wing, West Wing, Executive Residence, Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, Rose Garden and connecting colonnades are notable features.

You can create a night view of the structure with Briksmax White House lighting kit but make sure you have completely assembled the model. Just like the original building would look at night, the LED lights will help your Lego model have the same effect to attract the glances.  

With eleven random Lego pieces, the lighting kit offers four small-sized and four standard-sized warm white light strips, seven 15cm and eight 10cm warm white light strips. There are one 12-port and three 6-port expansion boards, two Adhesive Squares, five 15cm and six 5cm connecting cables.   

Lego building ideas for adults

Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 42115

The 3696 Lego building kits for adults feature detailed cockpit, movable pistons for the V12 engine, overnight bag and unique code for online contents, scissor doors, 8-speed intricate sequential gearbox, lowering spoiler and moving paddle gearshift. With green color scheme, the set also features golden rims, disc brakes, opening hoods for front and rear side.

The Lamborghini light kit from Lightailing or Briksmax can be added to the car to enjoy an action-packed chasing sequence with other Lego car models. You should get batteries in advance for the kit as there is no battery included and also make sure that the main power is below 5V.    

The lights include two 15cm and two 30cm green, six 30cm ice-blue and six 30cm warm white LEDs with one warm white, four blue and three solid color RGB strip lights. The kit contains two transparent 15cm light pipe, ten random Lego pieces, two instruction manuals, one 6-port and two 12-port expansion boards, one 5cm, one 30cm, five 15cm and two 50cm cables, one 15cm and two 30cm RGB connecting wires, one multifunction board, one RGB receiver board, a remote control and two Adhesive Squares.  

Millennium Falcon 75192

With 7541 pieces, the Millennium Falcon features four classic and three Episode VII and VIII crew Minifigures and four droid figures. The set is equipped with lower and upper quad laser cannons, intricate exterior, landing legs, 4-figure cockpit, lowering ramp, detachable canopy, removable hull plates, gunnery station, changeable sensor dishes and rear compartment.

Being one of the largest Star Wars models, this detailed structure needs proper lights to highlight every nook and corner. The lights for Millennium Falcon will decorate the cockpit alongside front and rear sections in blue and red glow while the red LEDs brighten up top cannons.      

Light up Lego sets with four 15cm white, two 30cm warm white, one 30cm and twenty-eight 15cm blue, two 30cm and four 15cm red LEDs and eleven white light strips, one 12-port, one 8-port and nine 6-port expansion boards, a multifunction  board, four Adhesive Squares, six 5cm, six 30cm and ten 15cm connecting cables.  
  Light up Lego sets

Being young at heart is always fun and so is challenging your creative skill into assembling the expert-level models. Lightailing and Briksmax can help you in lightening up these models without even any electrical skills as each kit is created for anyone above six.

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