Lighting Fun With New Rollercoaster System Lego Batman 70922 The Joker Manor!

Reimagine and recreate various scenes from the Lego Batman Movie with the Lego DC The Joker Manor 70922 set made up of over three thousand Lego pieces. With 95 high-quality LEDs and premium accessories, Briksmax has one of the most extensive lighting kits for this model so that it remains at the center of attraction regardless of whether it is day or night.

Light Kit For The Joker Manor 70922

The Lego Batman Movie from 2017 was one of the popular animated movies based on the DC universe and The Joker Manor 70922 set perfectly matches the hype. Created in association with DC, The Lego Batman Movie dealt with how Batman works with the daughter of the police commissioner named Barbara and his lady-ward Robin to fail Joker’s sinister plans of ruling Gotham City. Recreating various moments from the film is possible with this Lego set consisting of 3444 pieces that anyone above fourteen can assemble easily. The manor standing 21 inches high, 10 inches deep and 25 inches wide can be lightened up with the handmade light kit of Briksmax even without electrical knowledge.

Specialties Of The Joker Manor 70922 Set

Light Kit For The Joker Manor 70922

Before lighting Lego The Joker Manor 70922, make sure you have finished assembling the structure. Place the ten Minifigures including the Disco Batman, Disco Batgirl, Disco Robin and Disco Joker that were added in January 2018 and Batman with Batarang, Joker, Harley Quinn with bat, Alfred Pennyworth in Classic Batsuit, Nightwing and Barbara Gordon with revolver.

With the Lego Batman light kit, you can highlight the massive buildable Joker Head featuring slide and trapdoor, rocking sign of ‘The Joker’, ‘Ha! Ha!’ sign and tower of ‘big eye’ that has lever-operated upward and downward rotating iris.

Light Kit For The Joker Manor 70922


There is the grand entrance featuring two buildable translucent spark-styled bombs, flags atop two-storied and three-storied towers with turrets, rollercoaster track for the rollercoaster with three cars and Minifigure seats encircling the entire building, two wheel-operated punch-boxing gloves and various translucent multi-colored elements.

The Lego light kit for 70922 will also brighten up the entrance hall featuring four bendy plastic mirrors, living room featuring stool, grand piano, translucent red fire at fireplace and bust, music studio featuring buildable mixing table, guitar, seat and loudspeakers, swimming pool room featuring translucent blue water, attic featuring rat and two buildable boxes, kitchen featuring pot, pan, cup, plate, lemon, lobster and buildable microwave and the cinema room featuring DVD, seat and screen.  

Highlighting The Joker Manor 70922 With Lighting Kit   

Light Kit For The Joker Manor 70922

Test each accessory and LED for Lego before installation. The kit is suitable for any 6+ years old and features an after-sales card valid for 2 years. The lights and accessories are packed separately in plastic packets with air-bubble protection inside box.

For step-by-step installation, use the three illustrated universal instruction manuals and user guide for further assistance. Use 35 random colored Lego plates for customization.

Light Kit For The Joker Manor 70922

Light up Lego set  with three small ice-blue, two small blue, one small white and seven small warm-white strips, two solid-color projection lamps, eight slow-flashing 15cm colored, two 2P 15cm, nine 30cm and two 15cm ice-blue, two 15cm and two 10cm yellow, two 10cm and four 30cm green, twelve 10cm and eight 15cm warm-white, nine 30cm pink, four 30cm red, four 30cm blue and twelve 30cm white LEDs.

Place the four Adhesive Squares, connect the 30cm USB cable, install the flashing module board, prepare the seven 6-port, six 8-port and four 12-port expansion boards and the AA battery holder. Pass the eight 5cm, one 50cm, eleven 30cm and twelve 15cm connecting wires between brick separators.

Help Batman and crew regain control over jokerized Wayne Manor, activate trapdoor for sending one Minifigure tumbling from top of the Joker Head through the slide and jutting through its mouth.

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