Lighting New Arrival: The Amazing lighting Lego City Gardens 71741

The Lego Ninjago City Gardens 71741 set with over five thousand Lego pieces is the largest model from the series and lets you enjoy role-playing as the legends, heroes and villains from the series. The 66 high-quality LEDs and accessories of Briksmax are to be installed once the Lego building is complete so that it never stays out of focus regardless of daytime or night time.

light kit for City Gardens 71741

The Ninjago –Legends of Spinjitzu with its ten path-breaking seasons of computer-generated animation has completed ten years and the Lego Ninjago series, therefore, brings forward its largest set ever. The City Gardens 71741 set with 5685 Lego pieces is age-appropriate for enthusiasts above fourteen years of age and lets you reminisce in the thrills and excitements that started in 2011 and is continuing till date. Do not worry about the set being in the dark when there is the premium lighting kit of Briksmax that can be set up even though you are a layman in electrics.         

Specialties Of City Gardens 71741 Set

light kit for City Gardens 71741

As the Lego City set light kit contains delicate and small pieces just like the Lego pieces, you should keep them at safe distance from kids and always open the light kit after finishing the Lego structure. The Ninja House stands 29 inches in height, 17.5 inches in length and 13 inches in width, thereby an excellent option to put on display.

After lighting Lego, you can even lift off each of the five tiers for revealing the interior. The ladder can be pulled upward and downward on the rear side accordingly.

light kit for City Gardens 71741

There are nineteen Minifigures including Kai, Urban Cole, Young Lloyd, Zane, Urban Nya, Misako, Hai, Ronin, Mei, Tito, Cece and the collectible golden figure of Wu Legacy celebrating the 10th

With the light for Lego City Gardens, you can highlight the ice-cream shop, the Ninja control room, noodle house of Chen and the detailed museum featuring the rich history of the Ninjas.

Master the Spinjitzu art at the Ninja Zone to defend the city, explore the portraits and display cases at the history museum, enjoy a treat at “Ice Planet”, have a look at future Ninjago sets at the fan apartment, find hidden surprises and join Cole for noodles.   

Highlighting City Gardens 71741 With Lighting Kit

light kit for City Gardens 71741

Test each LED light for Lego and accessories before the final installation. Designed for 6+ years old enthusiasts, the first batch of the light kit is available for pre-order from 10th February. 

39 randomized Lego plates are given for customization. The user guide is for future installation and three universal illustrated instruction books are for step-by-step light kit installation.

light kit for City Gardens 71741

Light up Lego with two 30cm, two large 30cm and five 15cm large warm white LEDs for street lanterns, six 30cm pink LEDs for cherry blossom, white LEDs for fashion store, bedroom, bathroom and dining room, colored slow-flashing lights for towers along with six 30cm green, two 15cm yellow, five 30cm red, five 30cm and eighteen 15cm ice-blue LEDs and one 2P 15cm ice-blue and fourteen small warm white light strips.

Set up two 8-port and three 12-port expansion boards, three transparent labels, one AA battery pack and USB hub with a 30cm power cable. Connect seven 30cm and twenty 15cm cables smoothly with the brick separator.  

This three-leveled model features the City Gardens in between the Ninjago City docks and the Ninjago City where each level is filled with new adventures to let you recreate various scenarios.

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