Spectacle Re-creates An Iconic Lighting Lego Empire Strikes Back Bespin Duel 75294

The Lego Star Wars Bespin Duel 75294 set although made up of only about three hundred Lego pieces is an expert-level set that will let you recreate moments from the Empire Strikes Back. With nine premium LEDs and handmade accessories, the model will get a new look at night while being free from overshadowing.

Light Kit For Bespin Duel 75294

No matter how many new television series or movies come out, the portrayal of Luke by Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford as Han Solo and David Prowse as Darth Vader is still etched in the mind of the Star Wars nerds. The Star Wars: Episode V came out in 1980 as Empire Strikes Back and till date, its popularity is widely known. The Lego Star Wars series plays a catalyst in keeping its fandom reminiscent of the scenes from the movie with its models like the Bespin Duel 75294. Adding perfect nostalgia, this expert-level model with only 295 Lego pieces is suitable for anyone above eighteen. Once the Lego building is complete, add the lighting kit of Briksmax that does not need any electrical knowledge to make the structure glow in the dark.

Specialties Of Bespin Duel 75294 Set

Light Kit For Bespin Duel 75294

The light for Lego 75294 will highlight the model that stands eight inches high with a width of nine inches and a depth of four inches. As a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the movie, the set lets you recreate the iconic battle scene between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in the Cloud City.

The illustrated booklet included in the set will tell you about the stories that made it possible for the designer to build this model. Just like the Lego set light kit, it also features an instruction book to help assembling the model.

You can show the model as memorabilia of your Star Wars collection by putting it on the display stand that features a nameplate and the Minifigures of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker holding a lightsaber.   

Highlighting Bespin Duel 75294 With Lighting Kit     

Light Kit For Bespin Duel 75294

Install the Lego Star Wars set light  kit only after you have finished building the structure, otherwise, small parts can get missing, damaged or mixed up. The light kit is suitable for any 6+ years old enthusiast.

Light Kit For Bespin Duel 75294

The kit comes in a sturdy box inside which you will find plastic packets containing respective light and accessories with air-bubble sheets to keep those safe from damage during shipping. Test each LED for Lego and the accessories before installing.

There are two 15cm and two 30cm yellow, one small 30cm and one 15cm warm white and two 15cm blue LEDs. Conceal the connecting wires by passing those between the stubs with the help of a brick separator.

Light Kit For Bespin Duel 75294

There are five random Lego plates for customization. You will learn how to light up Lego  from the universal and illustrated instruction book. Keep the user guide for further installation and after-sales card as a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Connect the USB power cord of 30cm length, install the Adhesive Square and 12-port expansion board and insert batteries in the AA battery holder.

There is a 7-day return-and-replacement policy applicable from the date of delivery. In case of any manufacturing issue like missing part or defective accessories and lights, you can apply for a return.

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