An Exclusive Lighting Adventure With Lego B-wing Starfighter 10227 Set

Recreate different galactic battle scenes with the expert-level Lego B-wing Starfighter 10227 model made up of nearly 1500 Lego pieces. Briksmax offers you sixteen high-quality LED lights that can be easily installed with handmade accessories no matter whether you know about electrics or not.

Light Kit For B-wing Starfighter 10227

When sci-fi movies are your favorite genre, the Star Wars saga will be on your list and you will be familiar with the B-wing Starfighter that was significant in the battles of Endor. The Lego Star Wars series has thus brought to you the expert-level B-wing Starfighter 10227 set with 1487 pieces to install that any 16+ years old Lego enthusiast can assemble easily. What makes the Lego building experience more enchanting is adding lights for a night view and Briksmax is there to help with its handmade lighting kit that anyone with and without electrical skills can install. However, as the Lego pieces and lighting accessories are small and delicate enough to get mixed up, lost or damaged, it is recommended to finish building the model before opening the light kit box.

Specialties Of B-wing Starfighter 10227 Set

Light Kit For B-wing Starfighter 10227

The light kit for Lego 10227 will highlight this set from the Ultimate Collector Range that is 26 inches wide and stands 15 inches tall in the flight configuration.

There is a fact plaque depicting highlights about the model. Use the set for battling above the Endor sky or restore peace in the galaxy.

The Lego light kit will highlight the self-leveling and rotating cockpit. The realistic configurations of flight and landing wings are also notable.

The model also has a display stand that can be attached and detached accordingly –when mounted, it stands 17 inches tall.   

Highlighting B-wing Starfighter 10227 With Lighting Kit     

Light Kit For B-wing Starfighter 10227

The Lego set light  kit is created as a plug-and-play set for any Lego builder above six although you should supervise while letting kids use it to prevent choking hazards. The kit box comes with separate plastic packets containing lights and accessories that are kept secure with bubble sheets.

Twelve random colored Lego pieces are there for customization. As the kit comes without batteries, arrange three AA batteries for the battery pack. Connect the 30cm cable with the USB hub.

Light Kit For B-wing Starfighter 10227

You should test each accessory and LED light for Lego Star Wars set before installing. There is an after-sales guarantee card that bears a manufacturer warranty of two years from the delivery date.

The top cannons, front and rear lights and cockpit can be highlighted with one large 15cm, two 10cm and four 15cm warm white LEDs, one warm white light strip, two 15cm red and six 30cm green LEDs.

Get an idea about how to light up Lego  from the universal instruction book that features illustrations for each step. There is also a user guide helping in future installations.

Prepare brick separators to pass one 50cm, two 30cm and four 15cm connecting wires between the plates smoothly without any damage. Prepare one 8-port and six 6-port expansion boards and two Adhesive Squares.

If you see any damage in the light kit elements, notice anything missing on opening the box or find any part malfunctioning, return it in a week of delivery so that a replacement can be sent back to you.

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